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Precarious employment has a negative impact on mental health

A new report is highlighting the impact precarious employment is having on people's mental health.

It includes those working part-time with variable hours, temporary workers and self-employed.

According to a report from think-tank Tasc on precarious and insecure working conditions, these types of workers often feel stressed, anxious and depressed, with many unable to afford to take time off.

It also found that some workers on ‘if and when’ contracts are forced choose between buying food or medicine.

"I had one person for example, who was saying to me that she had to choose between food and her inhaler. She couldn't actually afford to go and see a doctor," said Dr Sinead Pembroke who co-authored the report.

"So there is a huge problem with affording healthcare. There is also huge mental health impacts.

"Not having a guaranteed income, not being able to plan your future, being worried that you can't have a family because you don't want to have a family to bring them into this kind of insecure and low-wage kind of life that you are living."

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