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Man jailed for 'gruesome' attack during which ear lobe was partially severed

A man who slashed the face of an acquaintance and partially severed his ear lobe in a “gruesome” attack has been jailed for three-and-a-half years.

Sandro Teixeira slashed the face of Ismail Mustafa, leaving a 10 centimetre wound that required plastic surgery, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard this week.

Teixeira (30) with an address in North Circular Road, Phibsborough, Dublin, was initially charged with assault causing serious harm, but pleaded guilty on the first day of his trial last March to the lesser charge of assault causing harm.

The attack took place at Parkgate Street on January 22, 2018.

Teixeira has six previous convictions from the UK. He was jailed for four years in 2009 for grievous bodily harm, Detective Garda Ciaran Callaly told the court.

The court heard that the victim Mr Mustafa ran into Teixeira in the street and the pair got chatting as they were travelling on the same Luas.

When they got off the Luas, Teixeira asked Mr Mustafa to walk with him towards the Aisling Hotel. He then produced a knife and assaulted Mr Mustafa without warning, slashing his face and severing part of his ear lobe.

Mr Mustafa spent three days in hospital where he underwent plastic surgery. In a victim impact statement handed into court, he said he still suffers from pain and has a scar.

He struggles with sleeplessness and has been permanently disfigured as a result of the attack, the court heard. He is afraid to visit his family in Sudan as he doesn't want them to see his face.

Gardaí identified Teixeria from Luas CCTV footage and he was arrested.

Sentencing him on Friday, Judge Karen O'Connor said it was a “horrific attack on a man who has been left with a significant scar and a partially severed ear lobe”.

She said the assault was at the higher end of the scale. The maximum sentence for assault causing harm is five years and the judge noted she was constrained by this.

She handed down a four year sentence and suspended the final six months on a number of conditions.

Defence barrister James Dwyer SC said his client had €15,000 in court as a token of remorse for Mr Mustafa.

Teixeira “committed this gruesome offence on a man who was entirely innocent,” Mr Dwyer told the court. He handed up a letter of apology from his client and said Teixeira was willing to pay a “substantial sum” of money to Mr Mustafa as a token of his remorse.