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Latest: O'Sullivan 'will not waste one moment' as she claims final seats with Clune in Ireland South

Update 4.23pm: The 20th count in the Ireland South constituency has seen the Green Party's Grace O'Sullivan secure the fourth European seat, while Deirdre Clune from Fine Gael claimed the fifth seat.

The fifth seat only becomes active once Britain leaves the European Union.

Neither candidate reached the quota. Ms O'Sullivan picked up 5,414 from Mr Wallace's transfers to finish up on 119,701. Ms Clune picked up 2,077 to finish on 112,162

The two candidates were elected some 12 days after the votes were cast. The mammoth election count was briefly slowed by the calling of a recount but, nearly two weeks after votes were cast, the five representatives have been confirmed.

They will join Sean Kelly, Billy Kelleher and Mick Wallace as Ireland South's MEPs.

Ms Clune described the moment as "bittersweet" due to the wait she faces, but she said that she is very proud to be elected from a "very crowded field."

"Europe matters and matters more now than ever given what we are facing in the next few years and the relationship that this country will have with the UK and the relationship the UK will have with Europe," Ms Clune said.

But, the biggest cheers on the day came from the large group of supporters that flanked Ms O'Sullivan. The Senator becomes the first Waterford MEP elected and said she is keen to get straight down to work, linking up with Green Party colleagues from all over Europe.

"I have the fourth seat, the working seat, and I am going to Europe," Ms O'Sullivan said.

"I am going to work very hard on climate action; I give my commitment that I will not waste one moment, I will work as hard as I can for Ireland South. It is time for action: climate action, social diversity action."

Earlier: Independents4Change candidate Mick Wallace elected as MEP for Ireland South

Update 2.28pm: Independents4Change candidate Mick Wallace has been elected as an MEP for Ireland South.

Following the 19th count, Mr Wallace took the third seat in the constituency following the redistribution of Liadh Ní Riada's votes.

However, Mr Wallace was not actually present to enjoy his moment as he was stranded in Gatwick Airport. He was flying from Italy to Ireland via London and his initial flight was delayed, causing him to miss his connecting flight.

Mr Wallace, who has proved a magnet for transfers since the very first count picked up 27,001 transfers from Ms Ni Riada's vote, putting him on 139,529 overall, far exceeding the quota.

Seanie O'Shea, Mr Wallace's campaign manager, said that he was "really disappointed" to miss the announcement.

"He was due into Cork at 2pm but the flight from Italy was late," Mr O'Shea said.

"He sends his apologies. Obviously, over the weekend when we heard it could take 28 days to do the count, we were concerned but we more or less knew that he was sure of his seat.

"We thought we would have to wait a lot longer to confirm it than today.

Mick is going to take it all in now. He is entitled to sit in the Dail until July 2 and he will take up that option.

Count staff are now working on the transfer of Mr Wallace's surplus of 19,674.

Green Party candidate Grace O'Sullivan is currently in fourth on 114,287, and Fine Gael MEP Deirdre Clune is fifth on 110,085.

Both are keen to secure the fourth seat as the fifth seat only becomes active once Britain leaves the European Union.

Fine Gael’s Sean Kelly and Fianna Fail’s Billy Kelleher took the first two seats in the five-seat constituency last week.


Additonal reporting by Digitial Desk staff