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Homeowners losing gardens under Bus Connects plan to receive €25,000

Latest: Around 1,300 homeowners in Dublin could have parts of their front garden taken to be put in bus and cycle lanes.

Each of the homeowners would receive an average payment of €25,000 under Compulsory Purchase Orders by the National Transport Authority.

The NTA is beginning a process of introducing four new bus corridors from Blanchardstown, Swords, Clongriffin and Lucan into the city centre.

350 householders along these routes have been invited to meetings, where the NTA will explain that parts of their gardens could be taken to build the new routes.

The transport authority confirmed today that phase two and three of the public consultation process regarding the proposed BusConnects project will get underway from mid-January.

Fianna Fáil Dublin Spokesperson, John Lahart TD said that "confusion among the public has only continued to grow" since the Bus Connects plan was launched 18 months ago.

“Quite frankly, phase one of the NTA’s public consultation process was a shambles and left commuters no more aware of a single benefit this project poses for their bus services," he said.

"Instead, it left all those affected by the proposed changes, frustrated and fearful that they would no longer be served along their route.

“The scrapping of a substantial number of bus routes was badly communicated and left reasonably unexplained.

“As the NTA move into phase two and three, it is essential that there are briefings are held in the heart of the communities most affected to give as many residents as possible an opportunity to attend.

“If this project goes ahead, it will result in massive problematic changes. Minister Ross, whether he agrees or not, has a responsibility to ensure that this project is communicated properly to the public,” he said.

Earlier: 350 homes could lose part of their gardens for four high capacity bus and cycle corridors

Plans for four high capacity bus and cycle corridors as part of the Bus Connects programme in Dublin will be revealed today.

Up to 350 homes could lose parts of their gardens under the plans by The National Transport Authority.

The first four of 16 proposed routes will affect property owners on bus routes from Clongriffen, Swords, Blanchardstown and Lucan, all terminating in the city centre.

The Irish Independent reports that some homeowners could lose between one and four metres of their property, while 500 trees will also be removed.

The NTA has written to affected households seeking one to one meetings.

The scheme must be approved by an Bord Pleanala and the application will not be made before 2020.

If the new plans go ahead we could see journey times falling by as much as half on some of the corridors.

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