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Homeless figures rise by 2%; 137 more children without a home

New homeless figures show the numbers of people in emergency accommodation are up again to 9,846.

The May numbers show a 2% increase overall.

An extra 57 adults became homeless, bringing the number of to over 6,000 for the first time, while 137 children became homeless. 3,826 children are now homeless.

The number of homeless families was also up, with the total now standing at over 1,700.

The Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy says the increase is disappointing but says the situation appears to be stabilising.

Eoghan Murphy

Homeless charity Inner City Helping Homeless said nearly 4,000 children are facing their summer holidays in emergency accommodation.

The charity added the rise in the number of homeless children is an increase of 38% in just 12 months.

"The Minister is clearly not being realistic in regard to homeless figures as we have further increased with 137 children entering homelessness last month," said ICHH CEO Anthony Flynn.

"An overall 2% increase is not stabilization.

"The Minister continues to “reclassify” homeless people in order to keep the figure below the 10,000 mark over 800 have been “reclassified” in recent months.

[quote]The Minister is in denial we need independent oversight on these figures immediately.[/quote]

Labour Housing spokesperson, Jan O'Sullivan described the figure of 3,826 children without a home as a national scandal.

"Homeless figures for May, just released, are truly shocking showing an increase again in the number of adults, families and children without a home," Deputy O’Sullivan said.

[quote]The most shocking is the increase in homeless dependents from 3,689 to 3,826 in one month, that is 137 newly-homeless children. It cries out for action.[/quote]

She called on the Dáil to act to decrease the figures.

"We should not leave the Dáil this summer until:

  • A programme of support for families in homeless services is put in place for the school holidays, and;
  • There is a limit set on the length of time a child can be left living in a hotel.
  • "Rebuilding Ireland promised to end the use of hotels for families to live in, except for short-term emergencies. Two years later, that promise is still unfulfilled. In fact, the number of children who are homeless went up by 36% from April 2017 to April 2018.

    [quote]We can’t talk this away. It needs focus, action, a plan and a time limit.[/quote]

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