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Green MEP calls for someone 'to lose their job' if public transport use does not rise

A Green MEP has said someone should lose their job if they do not increase the number of people using public transport to head to Croke Park.

The comments come as College Green in Dublin is set to be pedestrianised from 7am to 7pm for the next three Sundays.

Green Party MEP, Ciaran Cuffe, said it is unbelievable there isn't a greater effort to get fans to use trains and buses to get to Croke Park.

He said: "I think somebody should lose their job if they're not increasing the amount of people going to Croker by public transport every year."

Brendan O'Brien, head of technical services with Dublin City council said Dame Street will be closed to traffic from the Georges street down to Trinity; however, traffic going around the front of the college towards Nassau Street will run as normal.

It is part of a trial to see how the area could be used if all traffic was banned.

Dublin City Council is putting on a range of family-friendly events in the area to demonstrate what life would be like if the space was permanently pedestrianised.

There will be jugglers, mime artists, clowns and sketch classes from Drawing in the City to keep the kids entertained form noon.

Green Party councillors are encouraging people to bring a picnic with them to "make sure the first trial is a massive success."

"This is another stage in the fight to reclaim our city from cars and make it a space for people," the councillors wrote on Facebook.

"A space for kids, for walking, for cycling and for a more inclusive, less hostile city centre for people with disabilities."

Dublin City Council is trialling the measure after An Bord Pleanála last October turned down a plan to permanently pedestrianise the area.

At the time planners raised concern about the effect on traffic and these test days will help determine what the impact would be.

City planners then hope to re-submit the proposals.

Over 1,000 buses travelling east-west across the city will be diverted away from College Green and sent down the quays each day - with measures in place along the Liffey to deal with the extra traffic.

Mr O'Brien said the council will bring forward new pedestrianisation proposals as soon as the final plans for BusConnects are published.

"We are in the process of looking at bringing forward a fresh proposal for College Green," he said.

"When the bus network re-design element is clear to us, we can then take that and look and see what is needed."

Cars travelling down Dame Street towards College Green will be diverted towards the South Quays and will be permitted to turn right up Georges Street.

Buses travelling eastwards across the city will be diverted on to Winetavern Street, while those travelling west will be diverted on to the quays and up Georges Street.