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Crosshaven celebrating €5.6m Lotto jackpot win

The picturesque Co. Cork coastal town of Crosshaven is today celebrating a mega €5,685,384 Lotto jackpot win.

The close-knit community was overjoyed as news spread that the Lotto Quick Pick ticket was sold at the Centra store in the town.

The ecstatic owner of the store, Bernard Lynch - who is holidaying with his family in Lanzarote - said today he is delighted at the great news.

[quote]We just can’t believe it, what a win for the people of Crosshaven.[/quote]

"I’m away on an Easter break with the family but it was a nice surprise to get the call from the National Lottery on Saturday night.

"I managed to get hold of the staff in the shop before they closed up for the night and they went absolutely wild.

"We have a very close-knit community in Crosshaven so we know our customers very well. The majority are local but the town of Crosshaven is a beautiful maritime sailing port which attracts a lot of visitors.


"Whoever the winner is, we are absolutely delighted for them and we wish them every bit of luck.

"If the winner of the life-changing sum happens to be one of our neighbours or friends, it’ll be all the sweeter."

"In my absence from the store, I have been told that celebrations are well underway this morning.

[quote]We’re calling on everybody in the locality to drop into the store and to check their tickets to see if they have won the €5.7 million jackpot![/quote]

There was double excitement from last night’s Lotto draw with a Dublin shop selling a match five plus bonus ticket yielding a lucky player a cool €115,649.

The ticket was sold in the Chapter & Verse store on Lower Leeson Street.

The winning numbers are: 2, 17, 24, 25, 35, 40 and bonus number 36.

"Our Cork players have really had the rub of the green in Lotto over the past week," said Dermot Griffin, CEO of the National Lottery.

"Last weekend, a syndicate of colleagues in the Supervalu store in Midelton won €219,472 after falling one number shy of the jackpot, and another Cork winner won the Lotto Plus 2 top prize of €250,000. This week the rebel county have hit the jackpot.

"Last year we had a total of 12 Lotto jackpots won in Ireland and this lucky trend looks to be spilling over into 2018 as it’s the third Lotto win of the year.

[quote]I look forward to meeting the winner or winners of this Lotto jackpot.[/quote]

Mr Griffin urged players in Cork and Dublin to check their tickets to see if they won the either prize.

"If you are one of those two lucky ticketholders, sign the back of the ticket and contact the National Lottery Prize Claims Team on 01 836 4444.

"We are open tomorrow morning and we will make arrangements for you to collect your prize."

- Digital Desk