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86% drop in children cycling to school

Recent CSO figures show that there has been an 86% drop in the number of children cycling to school.

There have been calls for schools to set drop off points away from the entrance to encourage students to walk or cycle.

In Denmark, there is a law that bans parents from driving children to school if they live less than five miles from the school.

Author and psychotherapist Stella O'Malley thinks something similar could work here, but there are risks.

"It's almost like the plastic bag law and the smoking law - nothing happened until we changed the law," said Ms O'Malley.

"I think the most dangerous part for my children is near the school because parents are really stressed, lashing up to the school, getting the children out and trying to get to work.

"I feel really conscious that that would be where children would be in danger."

Ms O'Malley believes that by allowing children to cycle to school it could take the stress out of the school run.

"Using the car is handy for adults because it gets us there quicker and so we do it but deep down we know that it would be better for the kids if we were either walking or cycling.

"It would certainly be a lot more pleasant because there is probably nothing more tense than 'get in the car' and 'have you got your seatbelt on?' on the way to school."