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Cork Lives
“I was feeling good. I was stepping higher than any of the ladies behind me. I was curling the dumbbells faster than anyone else too. ” Posed by model
“I was feeling good. I was stepping higher than any of the ladies behind me. I was curling the dumbbells faster than anyone else too. ” Posed by model

Summer Soap (Episode 4) A date for Kelly, but Sandra fears interview went badly

Called Work Wives, this story was written by Siobhan Ryan-Bovey (right) of Cobh, and was chosen from work submitted by students of the MA in Creative Writing Programme at UCC.

Episode 4

Thursday 14th June, 2018, 12:45


Still haven’t heard from you today and can barely see your lovely head over that God awful fern. I’m beginning to become worried.

Has Jerry hurt you? Have you begun playing Farmville with him and replaced me as your best friend? Selfishly, I don’t know which would upset me more.

I am especially concerned because your interview was yesterday and I still haven’t had a chance to talk to you about it.

How did it go?! Was Seán hard on you? Who else was on the panel? I want to know every detail. I’m sure you killed it though, you’re too good for this place.

Update from my life: as usual I had ‘Bums, tums, and Guns’ last night after work with Stacy. My God! Stacy has totally upped the ante. Last week was the first of eight and it turns out the first week is ten times easier than the second week.

Like, last week I was up the front row. I was feeling good. I was stepping higher than any of the ladies behind me. I was curling the dumbbells faster than anyone else too. Basically, I was the MVP. Wouldn’t have been surprised if Stacy put a gold star on my tank top at the end of class.

This week though, I was in a pool of sweat and almost twisted my ankle when I couldn’t keep up with the faster, week two soundtrack. Luckily, I had one of those sweatbands for around my forehead. I looked like an absolute gobshite and I can’t walk today but I feel better than ever.

Look over in exactly 5 mins and I’ll flash the guns for you over the fern so you can see my progress. Try not to be too impressed.

Not only did I go for a work-out last night but I then went for a date (not actually sure it was a date. Can you ever know these days?).

So this guy from Tinder, James, who works in Pfizer, took me to The Golden Elephant. Now I’m not one for Thai food and I might have happened to pick the place because I like elephants but it was So. Much. Fun. James was hilarious.

I snorted with laughter at one point and he didn’t even look repulsed (the dream). He wants to take me out this weekend again on Saturday.

Not clubbing, but for another dinner and a surprise.

I’ve been desperate to text him all morning but can’t use my phone of course, which makes it all the more exciting for me to check at lunch.

I feel relaxed about it now but know myself enough to know I’ll be a little disappointed if he hasn’t messaged this morning. Isn’t that what adult men do, though? Anyway, so far so good! Things are looking up for us Sand. It’s about time.

Message back soon! I want to know everything about the interview. I didn’t check the lunch rota but I’m going to sit on our usual bench by the water if you want to join since the weather is so glorious today.

Love you,




Not to worry, Jerry is happily working away this morning and has no interest in me. I’m snowed under here with emails so will stay in during lunch. Will throw you down snacks from above. So glad to hear the date went well last night and I did see your “guns,” they’re definitely on their way to being bigger than Stacy’s.

The interview went all right. I don’t think I’ll be picked to be honest. I don’t know who the others on the panel were.

There were two other people from upper management. I hadn’t seen them before. It was all very standard but I got the impression that I wasn’t their favourite candidate. Let’s not worry about it though. Have a nice lunch in the sun and I’ll see you after work,

Sandra x