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Cork Lives

Sea Sunday service in Kinsale

THE annual Sea Sunday service and parade took place in Kinsale once more at the weekend. At the event were:

1. Rev Peter Rutherford, Rector of Kinsale, and Parish Priest Fr Robert Young, blessing the fishing fleet.

2. Rev Peter Hanna remembering those lost at sea following an ecumenical service at St Multose Church.

3. Harbour Master Julian Renault reads Crossing the Bar by Alfred Lord Tennyson. 

4. Joseph Bohan, whose father was lost at sea 10 years ago as skipper of the Honeydew II, prepares to cast a wreath into Kinsale harbour as part of Sea Sunday. Also included are Rev Peter Rutherford and John O’Mahony, skipper of the Seán Mair.

5. Don Healy, Toe Head/Glandore Coast Guard; Shenan O’Mahony and Ruth Bruton, Cork South Civil Defence,and Willy Joe Hayes from Castlefreke Coast Guard.

6. Catherine Hayes and Clare O’Keeffe from the Band of the 1st Brigade play the Last Post.

7. The parade from St Multose Church, Kinsale, after the service. 8. Flag Officer Commanding Naval Service Commodore Hugh Tully salutes after laying a wreath for those lost at sea.

9. Patrick Quinn, Oysterhaven Coast Guard, and his godson George McCarthy from Nohoval.

10. Cllr Kevin Murphy, deputising for the County Mayor, congratulates newly-appointed Kinsale Harbour Master Julian Renault, left.