Cork's Kelly: Gadget and the Cloud and Things I'd Never Say

Cork's Kelly: Gadget and the Cloud and Things I'd Never Say

Kelly Doherty of Gadget and the Cloud

Aside from the gargantuan task of re-imagining God Alone’s titanic record-closer ‘Yes Aiii’ as a piece of ambient electronica, Ballyhea woman Kelly Doherty has had a busy time of it over the course of lockdown with her Gadget and the Cloud project.

Having started on a new record, and lost the initial ideas to technical issues, new EP ‘Things I’d Never Say’ represents a little victory against circumstance, bringing together a pair of new tunes, including single ‘It Never Felt Right’, with two recently-released tracks originally intended for compilations.

“When lockdown and coronavirus hit, I said, ‘right, no excuses, I need to sit down and write some new music’. It was hard: you saw people on social media saying ‘this is a great time to be productive’, and I felt it was the least ideal setting.

“The best ideas hit me when I was at a gig, coming home at 3am, or when travelling on trains or buses… I got six tracks pulled together, the product of being in a small flat in lockdown, feeling my feelings, but wanting parts of it to be more hopeful. I wanted positive elements in something quite sad or emotional.”

Premiering on, and receiving positive reviews from publications as diverse as District Magazine and the Irish Daily Star, ‘Things I’d Never Say’ continues in the same emotionally-grounded territory as previous extended-players -‘Quiescence’ is a pensive but hopeful piece, and ‘Keep You’ is a real tearjerker in places. With another step forward, and another positive reception comes a growing assurance for Doherty in her own work.

“It’s definitely the happiest I’ve been with my own tracks. It really was the vision of what I wanted. It’s the most fulfilled I’ve been with my own art before, and the response has been lovely. It’s the first time that I’ve put out music, and not been focused on reaching people or streaming numbers. It’s a big pressure you’re exposed to, and it’s easy to end up that way. But over lockdown, I looked at it as how art makes you feel spiritually, and that put me in a happier place. It’s given me a lot of comfort.”

Things I’d Never Say is available for download and streaming now from, as well as the usual streaming services.

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