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Ahern releasing his new single

Singer Gerald Ahern releases his new single “Fish In The Sky” in Cyprus Avenue this evening.
Singer Gerald Ahern releases his new single “Fish In The Sky” in Cyprus Avenue this evening.

An 18-year-old singer-songwriter from Cork City is releasing his new single ‘Fish in the Sky’ today in Cyprus Avenue.

Gerald Ahern has been working with music since the age of ten and ‘Fish in the Sky’ is one of four new releases he is bringing out in 2018.

The song tells a story of Gerald leaving home, heading for Scotland to chase his dreams and facing issues such as missing his family and friends while feeling alienated from local society.

The music and video, which was launched on May 11, show an overwhelming feeling of homecoming and no matter what life throws into the pile, home will always be home.

At an early age, Gerald joined country music group ‘The Wee Amigos’ who toured Ireland, England and Scotland over a four-year period.

They gained national stardom hitting over four million views on Youtube video’s and winning various awards such as Hot Country Horizon Award 2012, Tipp FM Country Act Of The Year 2012, INEC Killarney Best Country Act 2012 and West Limerick 102FM Irelands Youngest Entertainers 2012.

Gerald also appeared on The Late Late Show as well as appearing in the horror/comedy movie ‘Stitches’ starring Ross Noble.

Gerald eventually left the country music scene and joined a pop boyband in Scotland. The band worked with stars such as Jess Glynn and Little Mix, he also co-wrote songs alongside artists such as “Bobby” from The Bluebells.

After touring with The Brooks, Bailey McConnell and others the band made an appearance in the 2016 Xfactor.

Gerald has also supported artists such as Ryan Sheridan, Picture This, Bagatelle, Colin Raye and many more.

Gerald and his band, who are all childhood friends, have also played at The Indiependence Music and Arts Festival in Mitchelstown.

Gerald and his band, which appear to be going from strength to strength, are releasing four songs this year, starting with ‘Fish in the Sky’.

All are invited to attend the launch of their latest single at Cyprus Avenue at 8pm this evening.