Holly Bough 2017

Holly Bough 2017

Happy birthday to the Holly Bough!

The Cork Christmas institution is celebrating a big anniversary this year as it marks its 120th year as an integral part of the city and county’s festive season. It was first published in 1897, by the Cork Weekly News, when it cost one penny.

The cover of that 1897 edition was red and inside was a message to readers:

“And as The Holly Bough shakes its bright leaves, and flutters its gay adornments, and looks proud in its novel dressing, it seems to say, ‘My masters, I will play a part in the merry-making of the season, and, with quip and jest and story-telling, make the time pass quickly, pleasantly, and well’. “The past is over, and let it rest. The future is approaching, and let it come. For the present let us speak only of peace and rest.” 

J. R. Lowell, the editor who penned that first message, could never have dreamed that the Holly Bough would still be a cornerstone of the traditional Cork Christmas all these years later, far less that it would be winging its way to the diaspora in far-flung places, from Australia to South Africa to America.

The Holly Bough is available now in all good newsagents but you can also order it online or you can purchase a digital edition.

1. Order online.

Order a copy of the 2017 Holly Bough delivered by post.

Click on the link below to order a copy of the Holly Bough delivered to you by post, we deliver anywhere in the world.


2. Download the digital 2017 Holly Bough epaper.

Purchase the Holly Bough epaper, a digital downloadable version of the Holly Bough for just €3, you will need to complete the purchase information and payment option and you will have instant and permanent access to this year’s Holly Bough.


We hope you enjoy this year's Holly Bough.

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