‘Get out on the streets of Cork and call for action on cost of living’

Cork North Central TD THOMAS GOULD (Sinn Féin) is calling on people to come out onto the streets of Cork this Saturday to make a stand on the rising cost of living
‘Get out on the streets of Cork and call for action on cost of living’

Sinn Fein spokesperson on Addiction, Recovery and Wellbeing, Thomas Gould TD. Picture: Gareth Chaney/Collins

WE need you to join us this Saturday, September 17 at 2pm on Grand Parade to send a clear message that people will no longer tolerate the government’s failure to help with the rising cost of living.

We saw what can happen when people come together, on the streets, to send a clear message to government in 2014. Water charges were scrapped.

People coming together, with one collective cause, can make a difference. But we need you to come out and stand in support.

Whether you are struggling to pay bills, to send children to school, to heat your home, to keep your business’ doors open or return to college, this government’s failures are affecting you. If you can’t afford to buy a house or are worried about your elderly parent’s accessing health care, if you are being forced to pay out of pockets for the basic services for your child with disabilities, mismanagement of our public services are having an impact on you.

From soaring rents to a crippled healthcare system, poor government choices have created crises that are having detrimental impacts on all of us. 

Adding to this, their failure to act on the cost of living has left so many people feeling scared and alone as we enter into this winter.

In my constituency clinics, from students unable to find accommodation to older people terrified of this winter, I am hearing your stories. They are heart-breaking. They are the stories of people who are doing their best, doing everything they can to reduce costs and stretch money.

I am hearing from scared business owners who are worried that they will have to cut staff to pay bills – people’s jobs, livelihoods and lives are on the line. We need these people to come out now on the 17th September and say enough is enough. We have tried everything, it is now up to the government to try what they can.

People are worrying how they are going to pay for heating, petrol, food, due to the rising cost of living. Picture: Stock
People are worrying how they are going to pay for heating, petrol, food, due to the rising cost of living. Picture: Stock

Meanwhile, the best advice we’ve gotten from government is to try shopping around. People were already shopping around long before this crisis hit. Shopping around isn’t going to help now. Every single week, we are seeing headline after headline. Energy companies rising prices while their profits soar.

While there are vague promises of ‘something’ in the Budget on the cost of living crisis, there are no concrete plans and there is no clear message from this government that for once, ordinary people will come first.

Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have a long history of putting developers, speculators, investment funds and cuckoo funds first. They don’t seem ready to change that and prioritise ordinary families and people in Budget 2023.

If they won’t listen to our calls, if they continue to turn a blind eye to the suffering of vulnerable people, then we must make them hear us. Let’s get out on the streets and show them that people are ready for change and people are ready for action.

There are things the government could do. Sinn Féin have fully costed and credible proposals. So too do other opposition parties.

What this cost of living crisis has shown is that now is the time for a government that will show up for you. When your heating bills are skyrocketing, when the price of petrol is out of control and food prices are astronomical, a Sinn Féin government would work night and day to ease the burden for you.

This government is woefully out of touch and workers and families are paying a heavy price. It’s time for them to wake up. 

As they sit down for their final negotiations on Budget 2023, let’s have the roars of the people of Cork ringing in their ears. Struggling households have had their fill of being pushed to the back of the queue by Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Green Party. Let’s make sure that when they are deciding who comes first this year, we give them no choice.

Ordinary people must come first.

Join us on September 17th at 2pm on Grand Parade.

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