Be positive and hop on one leg: how to ensure a perfect 2021!

Here are a few rules and superstitions that will help us all enjoy 2021, says TREVOR LAFFAN
Be positive and hop on one leg: how to ensure a perfect 2021!

NEW YEAR, NEW START: There are plenty of tips and superstitions to ensure the new year is a good one. Picture: iStock

THE year 2020 is nearly at an end, and who won’t be sorry to hear that?

I have found, as I get older, that time seems to be flying by and while I have no desire for it to go any faster, I can’t wait for the next year to start. No matter what 2021 throws at us, it can’t possibly be any worse than what we’ve been through.

The year started with Brexit and that dominated the news from morning till night. Remember the guy with the blue top hat, draped in an EU flag, waving placards and shouting ‘Stop Brexit’? He popped up in the background whenever the BBC conducted an interview and made a nuisance of himself

But he was only a mild irritant by the time Covid-19 came along.

Little did we know we would spend the rest of the year moving between lockdowns, cocooning and isolation, and it isn’t over yet.

Then we had the Presidential election in the State,s with more wall-to-wall coverage of Donald Trump, so I reckon we are due some good fortune for a change.

We got a small taste of it with the news that Covid vaccines are on the way and I’m optimistic that our luck is about to turn. Good times are ahead, but I’m not prepared to just sit back and hope for the best. I want to be proactive on this, so I’ve been doing some research on behalf of the nation, and I’ve discovered that there are things we can do to improve our chances of having a better year in 2021.

I have checked numerous websites for ideas on how we can get the year off to a good start and several sites share some of the suggestions so they must be true. The Chinese seem to be the most informed on these matters and, just so you know, 2021 is the Chinese year of the Ox. So there

OK, so to ensure good fortune we need to avoid the top ten taboos and if we follow these simple guidelines, we should be alright.

Firstly, don’t use negative words. So, all words with negative connotations are forbidden and that includes death, sick, empty, pain, ghost, poor, break, kill and words like that.

For example, instead of saying the freezer is empty, say the freezer needs refilling. If someone is close to death, refer to them as being unlikely to be living a long and happy life. If you have a friend going on stage in the theatre, advise them to shatter their tibia. Don’t mention ‘break’. Sounds tricky but you’ll get the hang of it after a while. Sorry, forget ‘hang’ — that wasn’t a good choice.

Don’t break ceramics or glass because that will break your connection to prosperity and fortune. I know I used ‘break’ twice there but it’s OK for the purpose of demonstration, but that’s the end of it.

If a plate or bowl becomes fragmented, immediately wrap it with red paper and, after the New Year, throw the wrapped-up shards into a lake or river. (Need to come up with a more environmentally friendly option for this one).

Don’t clean or sweep. Cleaning or throwing out rubbish may cause you to throw your good luck with it.

If you must clean, start at the outer edge of a room and sweep inwards. Bag up any waste and throw it away after the fifth day. If your bin needs emptying, do it before midnight or on January 2.

Don’t wash your clothes, they can wait until January 2, and you shouldn’t take a shower on New Year’s Day either. Kiss someone dear to you at midnight on New Year’s Eve to ensure affection for the next 12 months. (That’s probably better than kissing them the following day anyway, when it sounds as if they’re going to be fairly manky).

Don’t lend money or precious items and don’t pay back loans either or you will be paying out money for the rest of the year. Fill all your wallets with money to ensure prosperity. Open the doors at midnight to let out all the badness and make plenty of noise to scare away the evil spirits.

A Polish tradition states that if you wake up early on New Year’s Day, you will wake up early for the rest of the year, and if you touch the floor with the right foot getting out of bed, you can expect a lot of good luck for 12 months.

The colours you wear can also influence how the year might turn out. Blue is a happy colour and can protect babies from getting a fever. Red is an excellent choice for those looking for love and passion and those who are looking for positions of power. White should be worn by those seeking new beginnings and opportunities.

Choose your food carefully too. Eat 12 grapes, one for each chime of a clock, right after midnight to bring luck in the New Year. Pork is good because pigs dig with their snout, representing forward movement and progress, and fish is a good choice too since most fish swim forward.

When it comes to drink, these suggestions might be a step too far for us. Toast the New Year with champagne and, right after midnight, take three short hops without spilling your drink and then pour the champagne behind you to leave all negativity in the past. If your champagne lands on someone else, that’s good luck for them.

So, there you have it. Don’t use bad words, don’t shower, don’t clean the house, only wear red, white and blue, eat pork and fish and hop around on one leg with your bottle of Guinness and everything will be fine.

Happy New Year.

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