‘We are Cork’ will amplify to the world all that’s good about it

A new umbrella brand for Cork has been launched by Cork city and county councils, Cork Airport, Port of Cork, UCC, CIT, Cork Chamber, Cork Business Association, Ibec, Enterprise Ireland, IDA, Failte Ireland and Visit Cork. ‘We are Cork’ will be used to represent and promote the region, internationally, nationally and locally. ANN DOHERTY and TIM LUCEY tell us more
‘We are Cork’ will amplify to the world all that’s good about it
Michael Karcz of 1st Class, St Marie's of the Isle Presentation pictured at the launch of ‘We are Cork’ . Picture: Clare Keogh

Ann Doherty, Chief Executive of Cork City Council and Chair of the ‘We are Cork’ Steering Committee

Unity is strength and it is collaboration that lies at the heart of the ‘We are Cork’ place brand and at the heart of who we are as Cork people, as Cork business people, as Cork educators and as Cork tourism providers.

The ‘We are Cork’ initiative, believed to the first of its kind in this country, heralds the coming together — under one brand — of the main stakeholders in the city and county to promote our region, nationally and internationally so we can enhance our competitiveness.

We live in a globalised world where stiff competition exists to attract investment, visitors, talented people and international students across Europe and globally. Cork has a strong track record in this field — but if we are to continue to grow and prosper we need to redouble our efforts to tell the Cork story.

So in 2013 we looked at what was already happening in Cork? And it was quite a lot. There are and were a range of stakeholders who, either directly or indirectly, market Cork at home and overseas. However, in order to maximise the effectiveness of this marketing effort, Cork City and Cork County Councils agreed that we needed to unify around our storytelling so that our messaging was consistent and coherent.

‘We are Cork’ tells that story. It is our consistent and coherent message.

It tells the story of our city and county and its passionate, talented people through the fabulous stories and images of ‘Cork Can’: stories that we will see on the ‘We are Cork’ website, stories that will flow into our social media traffic in the coming weeks, stories that will appear on prospectus’, billboards, stories that through international marketing collateral will travel to Dublin, London, Brussels, Shanghai and Silicon Valley. Through the stories of people who live, work, study and have invested in here, ‘We are Cork’ will amplify to the world all that is good about Cork.

But ‘We are Cork’ doesn’t belong to the councils or to UCC, to CIT, to the Port of Cork, to the Chamber of Commerce. It belongs to everyone from the smallest online start up to some of Cork’s most successful companies. It is there to be used by everyone from community groups and social enterprises, to major office and housing developments. It is a placebrand that we want you all to use to strengthen your own message, to drive awareness of Cork and the vibrancy, passion and can-do attitude that underpins Cork city and county. We want you all to own and embrace this brand so that eventually Cork becomes synonymous with ‘We are Cork’.

Tim Lucey, Chief Executive Cork County Council & Partner in ‘We are Cork’

Cork is a special place. I say this having spent my life here and while some might say I’m biased it doesn’t change the fact that it’s true. Cork is a great place in which to live and work. Cork is both historic and modern. Cork is tranquil and vibrant. Everything needed can be found right here.

It’s no surprise then to learn how Cork is set to become the fastest growing region under Project Ireland 2040. It is a place of opportunity and promise. Sectors such as pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology featuring global organisations such as GSK, DePuy and Pfizer are all well established here in Cork. Ringaskiddy is home to 7 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world as well as Ireland’s only oil refinery.

One of the most significant areas of sectoral growth is technology, it fact this is our largest source of foreign direct investment, with over 300 ICT related companies employing more than 29,000 people across the Cork region.

Our highly talented and educated workforce is supported by world class third level institutions while we offer value for money and a quality of life that is second to none.

Office rentals in Cork are less than half the price for an equivalent Dublin location and salaries are 10% less than those in Dublin. 92% of our residents agree that their local area is a great place to live; in fact Cork is one of the friendliest places in the world!

Cork combines a vibrant, culturally rich yet compact city with a county that has a dramatic natural landscape including mountains, bays and beaches.

It is an exciting time to be in Cork. Serving and delivering for the people of Cork is at the core of every action taken by Cork County Council. We balance the growth of significant economic and urban areas with the diversity of life across our extensive rural, coastal and island communities.

‘We Are Cork’ brings the very best of Cork together. Our Councils, our businesses, our academic and commercial organisations have the same mission, to promote our region. Now, working together under this umbrella brand we have formed a choir and are singing from the same hymn sheet.

We have an amazing history but our future is even more promising.

Cork County Council is proud to be at the forefront of this campaign and looks forward to growing this brand.

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