Teenagers are urged to take control of health and wellbeing

The importance for young people to be aware of their health and wellbeing will be put in the spotlight at TEEN TALKs, which take place at venues around Cork, writes Niall O’Callaghan
Teenagers are urged to take control of health and wellbeing
Pic: Brian Lougheed

The launch for TEEN TALK & GEN-Z was recently held by Cork County Council in County Hall. These are three morning and three evening events which are being coordinated by Cork County Council to provide support around all aspects of issues which are currently affecting teenagers. 

The vision of the events is to provide support for Teenagers, and their Parents and Teachers, while they navigate through their teenage years encountering many challenging issues. 

The event promotes communication between everyone in sharing issues and working together on solutions. The purpose of the event is also to showcase many services which are available to Teenagers to assist when challenges become large and troubling. 

The event has evolved this year to include the Gen Z events in the evening time which are aimed at Parents and Teachers to highlight issues currently affecting teenagers he morning events, which are being held in Charleville on Thursday March 26, at Little Island, on Tuesday March 31 and in Bantry on Thursday April 2  - will be attended by up to 1500 Transition Year Students.

These events, which were a huge success in 2019, will include some well-known experts in the areas of Health & Wellbeing, including Mental Health, and will also include some household names, who have experienced firsthand, challenges to their own Health & Wellbeing. Graham McCormack is a renowned Mindfulness Coach and now presents to schools and to the public, locally, nationally and 

internationally. He shares his own challenges and shares how he has overcome these challenges.

Grace O’Rourke was the winner of the 1 st Special Forces “Hell Week” in 2019. Grace speaks powerfully about Resilience and creating a resilient mindset. Pat Divilly also shares how he has used mindset to succeed in life and accomplish many achievements along the way. Gerry Hussey is a Performance Psychologist and has worked with many Olympic and elite athletes to empower them to excel to the top of each of their sports. Jennifer Barry of the hugely successful “The Young Offenders” also shares her struggles with Mental Health and how she has overcome these difficulties. The events are hosted by Elaine Crowley of Virgin TV who is also very passionate about all of topics being discussed.

All of the speakers will encourage open communication between Teenagers themselves and also to reach out when help is needed. They will also be encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle to support a healthy mind and a healthy body. Each speaker brings their own message in this area and shall be very impactful to all students.

Schools can directly book places for their Transition Year Students as they have been informed of all booking information by email. Limited places remain for all events.

The evening GEN-Z events are a new aspect of these events this year. These events are aimed at Parents and  Teachers  and shall discuss some of the newer issues affecting Teenagers in the new decade. Various specialists speakers from a variety of backgrounds shall speak on the topics of cyber activity and social media as well as LGBTI+ and mental health. 

Speakers shall include youth community development officers, support services, cyber tech experts and parents and young adults with a perspective on Mental Health and LGBTI+ challenges. Throughout history, a generational gap has existed between Parents and Teenagers with the rate of change growing faster every year.

Teenagers are encountering issues nowadays which were not in existence a generation ago, such as Social Media, Cyber Tech and the progression of the LGBTI+ expression. These are all, in essence, areas of progression in society but they also bring challenges. At these events, Parents & Teachers can learn more about the issues which may be affecting their children or their students. The mission of the events is to create more understanding and compassion between all parties and to promote open and non-judgmental communication.  The Gen-Z events are open to the public and booking is essential. 

Places can be reserved through EventBrite (GenZ) and places are free of charge on eventbrite. 

The events will take place from 7pm to 8.30pm in Charleville on Thursday March 26, Little Island on Tuesday March 31 and Bantry on Thursday April 2.

All events are coordinated by Cork County Council and funded by Healthy Ireland through the Local Community Development Committees and Pobal.

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