You’re keeping us going - thank you!

In today's editorial, Editor of The Echo, Maurice Gubbins thanks those who are providing us with vital services during the COVID-19 pandemic
You’re keeping us going - thank you!
A Garda checkpoint on the Clonakilty to Bandon road this afternoon, checking to ensure people are 'staying at home' during COVID-19, following additional restrictions imposed since last Saturday. Picture: Andy Gibson.

LET’S start the week with some Thank Yous.

Thanks to the GPs and their office staff, the hospital doctors, the nurses, the testers, the health workers of every discipline. You are doing us proud. We will be forever in your debt.

Thanks to the nursing home staff, to all of those providing food for patients in hospitals and in every kind of care facility. Thanks to the pharmacists and their staff who are keeping us supplied with vital medication. Thanks to the porters and cleaners.

To department officials and civil servants across many departments, not least the HSE, Department of Health and the Department of Social Protection — sincere thanks.

Thanks to those who are looking after people with disabilities.

Thanks to the tracers, diligently tracking down those affected by Covid-19 so that they can be helped and we can all be protected.

Thanks to the shop workers. You are keeping the country going. You have been magnificent and should be proud of how you are answering Ireland’s call. Local newsagents are helping keep us supplied with trusted, reliable information.

The postal staff, on the road and in the offices. Wonderful is the word to describe your contribution.

The teachers. Thanks for continuing to work so hard from home, preparing and putting out your lessons on your school’s e-platforms, and helping kids to keep learning and preparing for exams and other challenges. Parents have come to a new appreciation of the work that teachers do every day with their children.

The ICT staff who are keeping staff of schools, and organisations and companies of all kinds, connected, and communicating with the people they are serving, and helping all of us to work from home safely and efficiently.

The school meal providers who are working to get 250,000 meals to children who are normally fed in their Deis schools.

Volunteers, like those who are delivering groceries for elderly and vulnerable citizens, while maintaining physical distancing. The Meals-on-Wheels volunteers. The volunteer drivers taking sick people to important appointments.

All of our amazing, inspirational Gardaí, ambulance staff, army, air corps and naval service personnel. They are keeping us secure, while also helping out every day with the massive national effort to meet the Covid -nd telephone company workers, refuse collectors, tradespeople including electricians and plumbers are keeping our vital services running — Thank you.

Charities: We have reported on how so many groups are continuing to help their clients. Penny Dinners is a good example, but there are thousands more.

Let’s remember that many of these good causes have lost vital fundraising capacity in this crisis. They still need all of the financial support we can afford to give.

Politicians! They don’t get a lot of praise normally, but many of our representatives are doing outstanding work in acting as liaison between important services and those who need them, in participating in helping initiatives locally, and in contributing to the national leadership which has been calm and effective.

The same goes for the senior medical and administrative strategists who have been guiding our efforts wisely. Thank you all.

This is not a comprehensive list. Just a first effort to reflect the gratitude people in the community are feeling to workers and activists in these categories and many others.

The Echo will be happy to mention other groups.

Please feel free to e-mail your suggestions to the editor:

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