Giving back after you are gone...

Leave a legacy of hope, compassion and solidarity, after your passing, says FRANCES HAWORTH, who tells us all about Legacy Month and how you can get involved in the initiative
Giving back after you are gone...

With the right professional advice, writing a will can take as little as an hour. Picture: Stock

TRYING to ensure our children, grandchildren and future generations are safe, secure and comfortable is something which is inbuilt in all of us. It is part of our DNA.

Each generation wants to ensure that those who follow have it easier and are not burdened by the challenges of today.

Making a will is a step which helps ensure that loved ones can continue to benefit from a life of hard work, careful spending and saving by a parent, grandparent or other loved one.

It often provides the break which allows young people to consider buying a house for the first time, can help others clear debts or bring some much-needed financial security.

However, ensuring that the next generation will live in a better world is about more than giving within the family context, it is also about giving back to the wider community in Cork, so that the future is safer and fairer for all.

A vision for a better world Leaving a gift in your will to charity allows you to make a contribution to causes, communities or organisations you have championed, supported or admired through-out your life.

It can help combat climate change, give a boost to a favourite charity tackling disadvantage, fighting for rights or combatting homelessness in Cork.

At The Community Foundation for Ireland we are partners with some great local organisations in Cork. Together we fight for equality, we offer services to young people, we promote health and well-being. We find that the one quality which unites our donors is their long-term vision for a better world.

They understand that change that it takes time, often years or decades and it happens in stages.

They know there is no silver bullet to the big challenges of our time, that whatever contribution they make during their lives will only ever be part of the solution and that the work will continue long after they are gone.

Frances Haworth is Senior Philanthropy and Development Advisor with The Community Foundation for Ireland. 
Frances Haworth is Senior Philanthropy and Development Advisor with The Community Foundation for Ireland. 

Making a Will

Making a will can seem daunting. It is one of those things that many put on the long finger.

In reality once you take the first step it is an easy process, and afterwards it offers peace of mind that your affairs are in order no matter what happens down the road.

With the right professional advice it can take as little as an hour. In a perfect world we should all make a will to ensure those we leave behind are protected and, if circumstances allow, to make a wider contribution.

How we can help Leaving a gift to The Community Foundation for Ireland is an option for you if you wish to empower local communities and build a fairer, more equitable society into the future. Each year we give hundreds of grants to small community organisations as well as investing in larger programmes which are turning the dial on critical social issues, such as domestic violence.

Remember every donation no matter what size counts. There is no such thing as too small. For the volunteers, community workers and many others every cent counts.

It is estimated that every year in Ireland between €5.5-€6 billion is passed from one generation onto the next, allowing for financial ups and downs the total over the next two-decades is estimated at €185 billion.

Imagine the difference if even only a tiny percentage was given as donations to help the most vulnerable. Remember gifts to charities, such as The Community Foundation for Ireland, are tax free. So there is no burden for your family and all the money you provide goes where it is most needed, from protecting our bees, to supporting front-line service or campaigns to end inequality.

There are some important elements you need to include when making a gift to charity in your will, for example including the registered charity number. Your solicitor can guide you through this process and more details are on our website. It is recommended to seek independent legal advice before making or changing your will.

November is My Legacy month

We are uniting with local charities to remind people that their contribution to a better future can continue long after their life-time. Your generosity, your activism and your vision can continue.

This November the impact of Covid-19 continues to bring into sharp focus the role of charities, community groups and volunteers in providing a lifeline to the most vulnerable.

Our hope is that over this month people will set aside a small bit of time to reflect on will-making and the difference they can make to the communities they care about.

Frances Haworth is Senior Philanthropy and Development Advisor with The Community Foundation for Ireland. You can contact Frances for a confidential discussion by emailing

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