Graham Cummins: Lack of league action since Galway loss won't help Cork City

City players would have preferred to bounce back with a game after missing out on the chance to wrap up promotion in Galway
Graham Cummins: Lack of league action since Galway loss won't help Cork City

Cork City's Ruairi Keating with Charlie Lyons and James Finnerty of Galway United. Picture: INPHO/Laszlo Geczo

IT’S been two weeks since their defeat to Galway United and I would imagine there is a bit of deflation in the Cork City dressing room.

There was a lot of excitement leading up to that Galway game because of the potential outcome that was on offer for City, but since they failed to gain promotion that night there seems to be a lull around.

The quietness is not just solely down to that defeat against Galway.

It hasn’t helped City that they have to wait three weeks before their next league fixture. Some might feel that the break will do the players good. That it will give the players time to recover and reflect - which it will - but I believe they would have preferred to have been back in league action much sooner.

These idle weeks without league action will have given the players a lot of time to think, which I don’t believe is a good thing.

Cork City's Cian Coleman and Stephen Walsh of Galway United. Picture: INPHO/Laszlo Geczo
Cork City's Cian Coleman and Stephen Walsh of Galway United. Picture: INPHO/Laszlo Geczo

Constantly thinking about that night in Galway, about how close they came to winning the league, won’t be good for the players.

They know that they have more opportunities to finish the job but the longer it goes on, the more the pressure starts to increase.

However, they also know that they are in a very healthy position and had you offered them where they find themselves now at the beginning of the campaign; they would have bitten your hand off.

Reflecting on the Galway game; the players would have learned a lot from that defeat.


They have been excellent in their game-management this season but for five minutes lost control against John Caulfield’s side.

They seemed to panic after they conceded the first goal, when there was no need to.

A draw wouldn’t have won them the lead on the night but it still would have been a very good result. But they probably didn’t see that at the time such was their anxiousness to get promoted on the night.

Things might not go to plan in future games but hopefully, the Galway game might have taught them not to panic in similar situations.

We do hear manager Colin Healy refer to training a lot in his press conferences. He does place a high demand on his players in training, and players will vouch for this. It would have been very difficult for the players to have been motivated for training these last two weeks without a competitive fixture to look forward to.

I would imagine there have been players that have understandably taken their foot off the pedal in training.

You do think to yourself as a player ‘what is the point of training so intensely if there is no game at the end of the week’. Of course, it will be different this week with the Wexford fixture approaching but it might be hard for some of those who dropped their levels in training to raise them again.

I was always a player that trained terribly so it was never an issue for me going into a match that I had come off the back of a poor week.

But for some, they needed to go into a game knowing they had trained well. I wonder if there are players like that in this City squad, and how will they react if they cannot raise their levels in training?

What I’ve not enjoyed seeing is players voicing out on social media these last few weeks by someone basically offering themselves to other clubs by showing some of their best clips. Now is not the time for a player to do that whether or not they have been told they have a future at the club.


It shows a lack of respect for your teammates who are concentrating on finishing the task they set out at the beginning of the year by getting promoted. They concentrated on the here and now, and not worried about next season. They won’t be pleased by their teammates’ selfish actions.

I won’t be sure if they have addressed this issue with their teammate but it will certainly be a topic of conversation in the dressing room.

Now is not the time for individualism in the team. It is the time for the players to realise that they must remain tight as a group - like they have been all year - and believe that they will be promoted in the coming games.

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