Clubs heave a sigh of relief as Rebels' Bounty draw quotas to stay the same for the next two years

Some clubs doubled or even trebled the number of tickets sold compared to the previous year as the final tally soared past 28,000 ensuring a bumper pay day for club and county
Clubs heave a sigh of relief as Rebels' Bounty draw quotas to stay the same for the next two years

Cork CEO/Sec Kevin O'Donovan assured clubs there would be no increase in their quota of tickets to be sold in the Rebels' Bounty draw for the next two years. 

CORK clubs have been reassured there will be no increase in their quota of tickets to be sold in the Rebels’ County draw for the next two years.

It came from Kevin O’Donovan, the board’s CEO/Sec, who was speaking on the topic at the monthly meeting, again held remotely, during the week.

“People may not remember this, but back in September/October, I said the quotas were in place for a three-year period,” he told the 190 delegates.

“I think there is a concern out there that we will increase quotas because of the success of the draw and that we will grab a bigger slice of the pie for county board finances.

“That’s not the case. That commitment has already been given and these quotas are in place for 2022 and 2023.

“Rest assured that is still the case and it’s not a decision we made in the last few weeks,” he added.

Delegates heard a breakdown of clubs’ sales per grade without any reference to individual club or clubs.

“We were reticent about giving out club information because it’s sensitive on a club-by-club basis.

“Some clubs may not want it broadcast on how many tickets they did or didn’t sell, but I can give you some summary figures.

“There was an increase of 13,300 on the previous year.

“Senior clubs’ average sale was 304 on a quota of 100 with sales ranging from 693 to 59.

“Intermediate clubs, who had a quota of 70, came in at an average of 197, varying from 637 to 46 while junior clubs averaged 136 on their quota of 55.

“They ranged from 412 to 36 while junior ‘B’ clubs averaged 68 on their quota of 35, ranging from 148 to three.

“In general clubs these figures show clubs either double or trebled their quota, but there was still a wide range, where some exceeded greatly and others didn’t.”

The board aren’t sitting back either and are already looking forward to next year’s draw.

“We will be looking for feedback now. Rather than anyone resting on their laurels, we still know there are challenges with Rebels’ Bounty.

“Our support committee and the office at Pairc Ui Chaoimh will take any feedback on things that worked and things that didn’t work ahead of next year’s draw.

“We must support those clubs who are not at the higher level and increase sales with them.

“Those who didn’t reach their quotas will have to settle their accounts with us by May 20 as was agreed previously,” O’Donovan added.

Chairman, Marc Sheehan, praised the hard work of all those involved who made the initial draw such an overwhelming success.

“We were very, very pleased, to put it mildly, with the overall outcome,” he said.

“Ticket sales were 28,150 approximately, yielding €1.9m for our clubs.

“And we are looking forward to making it bigger and better into the future.

“There was a tremendous effort made, despite the Covid restrictions, and the final figure certainly surpassed our expectations. It was a huge success story for Cork GAA.

“What became apparent was the power of social media and that was evident from talking to people from various clubs in recent weeks. They were able to monitor ticket sales on-line.”

Meanwhile, there is a suggestion the county leagues could be divided into two, according to vice-chair, Pat Horgan.

“As you are all aware we run the leagues over 24 weeks normally, but that’s not going to be available to us now.

“We will be lucky to get half that, so we’ve been exploring the idea of splitting the leagues and while we’ve come up with a plan, we won’t be revealing it because we want to see how it dovetails with the championship.

“The only thing I’d say is that we will still have promotion and relegation, two up and two down, but we’ll reveal all later, when we have news of the championship.

“Those championship draws will be made on the 29th of the month in conjunction with the April draw for Rebels’ Bounty. That should provoke a lot of discussion,” Horgan commented.

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