Knocknagree stalwart Catherine Ring takes on new county board role

After watching her own club grow, Ring is the new Cork ladies football secretary
Knocknagree stalwart Catherine Ring takes on new county board role

Catherine Ring, Knocknagree Ladies GFC, with Patrick O'Connor, Tesco, and Pat Quill, then President of the Ladies Football Association, when she won an award in 2012. Picture: Barry Cregg

CORK LGFA secretary Catherine Ring brings a wealth of experience to her new county board role.

The Knocknagree and North Cork ladies football stalwart has taken on one of the busiest jobs in LGFA circles. 

That shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows Catherine Ring as she has dedicated most of her adult life to the promotion of ladies football.

Accepting this new challenge, Ring is honoured to join the county board’s committee and looking forward to making a positive contribution.

“This is a very busy role but then I’m joining up at the start of a season which is one of the busiest times in a committee’s calendar anyway,” the new Cork LGFA Secretary told the Echo.

“We are starting in the middle of a lockdown too but there are still many things that can be addressed. I’m absolutely delighted even though it is a huge challenge but something I’m looking forward to. I’m getting an opportunity to work with a lot of good people so I’m happy to take on the role.” 

Ring’s vast experience at both club and divisional administration level should aid the Knockagree club person in the coming years. Working with some familiar faces on the Cork LGFA committee should also help ease Ring’s transition.

“You always look to see who is on a committee before agreeing to join so that’s why I accepted the Secretary’s position,” Ring said.

“I’ve been attending North Cork LGFA meetings since 2011 and already know and have worked with Neilus Carroll (Cork LGFA Chairperson) for a long time.

“I understand the challenge I’m undertaking and that there is a lot of work involved but I wouldn’t be signing up for it if I knew I couldn’t do it. I already know the Munster LGFA’s Mary Courtney very well from our time on Feile committees. As for the LGFA in Croke Park, I have previously worked with Lynn Savage (LGFA National Development Manager) on various projects in the past as well. So, apart from the Cork committee, there are plenty of other people I will be in contact with.”


There’s little doubt Catherine Ring understands the inner workings of ladies football at ground level considering she founded Knocknagree LGFA. From humble beginnings, the North Cork club has grown in numbers and stature since its inception over a decade ago.

“I set up the Knocknagree ladies football on April 11, 2011 with 11 players!” Ring added.

“That’s my baby! 

To be fair, I only started off with a U12 team that first night but they have become the backbone of our current junior team.

“I undertook every committee and administration role on behalf of the club when it was starting off. It took a lot of hard work but there are loads of people that have joined up over the years and are helping out Knocknagree now which is fantastic.

“We raised the profile of the club by entering lots of competitions and won a trip to Croke Park as well as a set of jerseys. All those things are hugely important when you are trying to get a club off the ground. We stuck at it and Knocknagree added a new team each year as time went on.

“In all that time, I attended the various divisional meetings on behalf of the club. So, in 2012, the North Cork Secretary’s time was nearly up so I got the line that there would only be a few emails, taking a few notes and I’d be well able for it. Happily, there are a lot more people involved and willing to get involved in North Cork LGFA now.” 

Her club and division in good health, Catherine Ring must now turn her time and energy to the county scene.

“As for my immediate plans, I would hope that I would run an efficient Cork LGFA board during my time involved,” stated Ring.

“Organising all the on-line meetings and helping the board become more efficient. There is a huge amount of work to be done to promote all the county’s developments and courses.

“That’s a huge thing for me, making sure all of our clubs are aware of what is available to them and their members. We are working closely with the Munster and national LGFA committees to make sure any new development programmes and courses are made available as soon as possible.

“There is a huge amount of information out there so it is important our clubs get that information and pass it on to their members.”

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