Missed goal chances hurt us says Cork boss

Missed goal chances hurt us says Cork boss
Peadar Healy. Picture: Eddie O'Hare

Cork claimed one goal against fourth division Waterford in the first-round and it was the same against Tipperary, promoted from the third, in the semi-final.

Yesterday in in being over-run by Kerry they shot blanks, much to the exasperation of frustrated manager Peader Healy.

“We missed 19 goal chances in the league this season. When you play Kerry, if you don’t take your goal chances you’re in trouble. We got them, but didn’t take them,” he said.

Yet, there was an acceptance that Cork goals would have only made it more respectable on the scoreboard, such was Kerry’s control of proceedings.

“We’re disappointed with the performance. It’s a tough dressing room down there at the moment. We’re hurting. That’s understandable.

“We’ve no excuses. Kerry well deserved their win. There’s no doubt about that. They started both halves well.

“The positives are we created goal chances, but didn’t take any of them.”

Cork’s cause wasn’t helped by a litany of injuries, according to Healy. “The forced substitutions-Niall Coakley, Ruairi Deane, Michael Shields and Jim Loughrey-in the second-half cost us a bit as well.”

It meant Cork used up their full allocation of substitutes and were unable to spring the likes of Colm O’Neill, John O’Rourke or Peter Kelleher to the forward sector.

Indeed, Cork finished with 14 players after the impressive Sean Powter hurt his hip, when they had introduced all six replacements.

“I thought we were going well enough up to the break. I still felt at half-time that we were in with a shout.

“We just had to keep going at Kerry and felt if we got a chance or two of goal in the first-half they would again in the second-half.

“After the break, Kerry finally got control of midfield and targeted out kick-outs. They got scores from it.”

Healy believes Kerry will take some stopping in their quest to replace Dublin as All-Ireland champions.

“They are a good side who are going to take a lot of beating in the All-Ireland series. Some of their finishing was top class and they way the dragged our half-back line around in the first-half helped create the opportunities,” he commented.


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