Caulfield may have to look abroad to fill Cork City striker role

Caulfield may have to look abroad to fill Cork City striker role
Cork City manager John Caulfield in attendance at the PFA Ireland Awards. Picture: Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile

CORK City boss John Caulfield may look outside the country in his search for a new striker.

City will be the Premier League favourites when the new season begins in February and the manager believes that he requires another quality striker to complete his squad in their quest to retain the title that was so gloriously won this year.

He has already re-signed Karl Shepperd and recruited Josh O’Hanlon, but some uncertainty surrounds the future of Achille Campion. Given the hectic schedule of fixtures that City will face, both domestically and in Europe, Caulfield wants to increase his options up front and is contemplating looking outside the country for a player that he believes will fit his requirements.

“I want to bring in guys who can compete with each other. So if one guy is missing someone else can come in and do the business and put the ball in the back of the net. I’ve met a few people, I don’t think there’s anyone in Ireland I’ll get.”

He understands only too well the wage demands of imported players and the need to ensure that a right balance is kept.

“You have guys at some clubs in League Two in England on £150,000 a year. There are certain clubs where the average might be £50,000 a year, but that’s the lowest of them.

“Guys at that level over there are on much better terms than here. Sometimes Europe is easier because there are fellas floating around places like Holland and Belgium.

”They don’t look at the Irish market enough and we have to promote ourselves and show that if they can get into a top team here and do well, they can get a move over. We need to sell that more which we haven’t done.”

English clubs, he suggests, are not alert enough to the quality of the best players here or the experience they gain in Europe and the biggest domestic games and even Sean Maguire had to sell himself a bit short to get his move.

“Sean went in on a contract there where he’s on a lot less than the rest of the Preston team. But thankfully he’s gone and done the business and when he comes back from injury and starts scoring again, they won’t hold on to him unless they give him a better contract.”

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