Lehane: In fairness to Hoggie he's playing pretty well for an auld lad!

Lehane: In fairness to Hoggie he's playing pretty well for an auld lad!
Conor Lehane celebrates scoring his goal. Picture: INPHO/Oisin Keniry

WITH just two points in it and not much time left a long puck-out by Anthony Nash was pounced upon by Cork captain Seamus Harnedy.

Letting it drop over his shoulder he raced onto the ball and before the Clare keeper, Donal Tuohy, knew what was happening the ball was in the back of the net to seal the Rebels win

Overall, it was a win they deserved as they were just that bit better than Clare on the day with their defence magnificent again at times, stopping what looked like certain goals on a number of occasions.

These, and his own goal when what would be termed a volley in tennis, were the main talking points for Conor Lehane after their win, but he also said they can’t dwell on yesterday as they have to immediately turn their attentions to Tipperary.

When it came to his goal he referred to Pat Horgan’s great ball across that he volleyed home.

“To be honest, you would have forgiven him for leaving it off as it looked like Shane Kingston’s shot was going wide, but in fairness for an auld lad, he’s nearly 30 now, he managed to stop it going wide and get it across,” he joked.

Patrick Horgan takes a free in injury time. Picture: Brendan Moran/Sportsfile
Patrick Horgan takes a free in injury time. Picture: Brendan Moran/Sportsfile

“But he’s unbelievable and he had no right going for it, but he didn’t give up and once he got it across it was just a case of getting the hurley on it and hitting it as hard as I could and thankfully it found the back of the net.

“It was a huge effort by Hoggie and I have to give him credit for that.”

It came after a long layoff for the injury to Robbie O’Flynn and it gave them a four-point lead at the time as they started to build a bit of momentum.

Conor was involved in the clash that led to Robbie being stretchered off, along with a couple of Clare players and he said he never saw him coming.

“When Robbie got injured everyone was a bit rattled, but you have to try and put it out of your mind at the time and get on with the game.

“When I saw him down it was awful but you have to try and regroup and just go look, nothing is going to change now and find out after the game how he is.

“I’m sure Robbie would do the same if it was the other way around and thank God he seems to be ok. 

"But it’s all about regrouping and going again regardless of the situation and that’s what we tried to build on.

“I didn’t even see him coming when the injury happened. 

"I put the hurley out to get the ball and the next thing I felt the smack.

“I just remember getting up, I was a bit rattled for a second, but was ok as was David McInerney who was involved as well, but Robbie came out the worst of it and thankfully he seems to be ok now.

“With that and others, like Alan (Cadogan) out injured and the fast turnaround the panel is more vital than ever and between injuries and fellas getting tired towards the end of games, it’s huge now.

“Today all the subs who came on were fantastic and their attitude is unbelievable. You see it in training all the time, but when you see it out there where it’s supposed to be done you take a lot of pride in that.

“But our attitude is that whoever is out we have players to come in and that’s that, same way if I was out or anyone else it’s about the fellas coming in and that’s it.

“We concentrate on what’s happening on the pitch and don’t worry about what people are saying and keep going.

“Winning the first game, especially at home is massive, but we beat Kilkenny in the first round of the league, so there is no right of passage and just because we won doesn’t mean anything going forward.

“We face Tipperary next week and with their loss, they will be gunning for road so it will be another massive game next week. We will be going for another two points next Sunday, but we will regroup from this one now, learn from our mistakes and prepare for Tipp next Sunday.

“Today there was nothing in it and they kept coming back so it was great to see Seamus Harnedy getting the late goal to seal the win for us. 

"I expect it will be another tight game on Sunday and another huge challenge for us.”

The Cork and Tipperary game will be at 2pm in Thurles.

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