Debate on championship format has 'energised' clubs ahead of the season

Debate on championship format has 'energised' clubs ahead of the season
John Feeney, Dripsey, speaking at Tuesday's meeting. Picture: Dan Linehan

THE chairman of the Strategic Review Committee Pat Horgan believes it was a good week for the association on Leeside after the heated debate ahead of a vote on the restructuring of the club championships.

The Cork County Board development officer felt the feedback over how to improve the primary competition in Rebel county 'energised' all involved.

The clubs had their say on Tuesday night, voting against Proposal C, which would have had clubs playing two out of five round-robin games in the summer months without their inter-county players.

Instead, they opted for Proposal A which means all teams will have a match in April and are guaranteed two more from August before the group stages conclude and the knockout phase begins, where the qualifiers from the colleges/divisional section also come into the mix.

“I think that everybody has been energised by the debate that has taken place over the past week to 10 days," said Horgan.

“The clubs have spoken now and we have a clear pathway now for the next couple of years.

“I believe it’s going to give the championships in the county a great fillip, the championships will now be more cut and thrust and more importantly it has been delivered on time before a ball was struck this year," he added. 

Re-grading will take place at the end of the year with four tiers of 12 clubs each replacing the current three championships. Teams will be designated on the basis of their results over four seasons, including this one.

Horgan said that the clubs engaged thoroughly in the process.

“Yes, a lot of the submissions that we received told us that the championships were dying on their feet.

“Because of that we had to act decisively to get it up and running. The championship status going forward will primarily be judged on 2019 performances and that should give this year a boost.’’

The main voting resulted in Proposal A being adopted with 136 votes while the controversial Proposal C got 52.

Proposal B, that the championships would not begin until August, received just 33 votes.

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