City looking to make Turner’s Cross a fortress once again

City looking to make Turner’s Cross a fortress once again
Kevin O'Connor after scoring against Dundalk. Picture: Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile

CORK CITY return to Turner’s Cross tonight hoping for their first home win.

Having lost already to Dundalk in the President’s Cup and Waterford in the league as well as drawing to Derry, City can’t afford to drop any more points at home.

Saying it and achieving it are two completely different things. Bohs come to Cork in great form while City are still trying to find their best XI and their form has been very inconsistent to date.

I expect a very difficult and tough game. Conditions could also play a huge part in this game.

With the pitch cutting up badly over the opening weeks of the season, it is making it very difficult for City to play the type of football they would like to play.

Conor McCormack after the draw with Derry. Picture: Eóin Noonan/Sportsfile
Conor McCormack after the draw with Derry. Picture: Eóin Noonan/Sportsfile

While the pitch is a cause for concern at the moment, I have no doubt Stephen Cahill and the other groundsmen are working very hard to fix this problem.

Over the past two seasons there has been very little between the sides and despite Cork City winning four times, and Bohs just winning once, with two draws thrown in for good measure these are always very tough games for John Caulfield.

Based on form it’s evident that Keith Long’s side are playing good football, and seem to be a more settled side, conceding only once in their five games and scoring five.

However, with City’s badly needed win over for Finn Harps last Friday, I expect them to carry their attacking form into tonight’s game.

Normally, in Donegal City struggle to find the net only scoring one in their previous three visits, so to see them hit the net four times is a positive.

The downside of that performance was the defensive side of things. Anybody who has seen the goals conceded on TV will be worried about how easily Harps scored and how the City defence was missing for all three goals. That defensive sloppiness needs to be rectified tonight or Bohs will score lots of goals.

I wonder will Caulfield look to change up that defence and look to bring Alan Bennett back in if he’s fit or will he stay with the same XI that started or go with the XI that finished against Finn Harps?

Last Friday all I said that mattered was that City would win. They did but it was a mixed performance.

I didn’t expect City to concede three but I was thrilled to see City score four goals. I have been looking for Morrissey to score more goals for a long time. He delivered big time on Friday night.

His first goal of the night must certainly be a contender for goal of the season. In fact, if Messi had scored that goal, I have no doubt it would be considered for goal of the year.

Morrissey has always been a favourite of mine.

I love his style of football, his quick feet, his range of passing, his ability to open up his body and switch the play.

I have always said that what I felt was missing from his game as an attacking midfielder was more goals, and he certainly is achieving this at the moment.

He is in superb form scoring three goals in the last two games. I would love to see him expand on this tally tonight against Bohs.

By the way, his second goal from outside the box wasn’t that bad either.

I was also delighted to see Graham Cummins come off the bench and score. This will be great for his confidence.

I thought it would have been a game that he would have started. Who the manager will pick tonight to start up front is anybody’s guess as this is one area of the pitch that he is constantly changing.

Tonight again City will be hoping for a big crowd at the Cross. Unbeaten in the last three games, City deserve this support.

Not alone does the team need it, but the club needs it. With so many teams under the Cork City umbrella both boys and girls, it’s vital for the club to get more than 4,000 at home games to help pay the bills.

I expect another tough battle tonight but I expect City to shade it 2-1.

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