'No matter how much Jamesie Corcoran loved his soccer and golf, nothing came before family'

'No matter how much Jamesie Corcoran loved his soccer and golf, nothing came before family'
Rockmount's Jamesie Corcoran chats with former Ireland team manager Martin O'Neill.

THEY say you can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps.

If that’s the case, then Jamesie Corcoran must have been a fantastic person.

That he was, and more! To see so many people from so many different sports turn up at his removal and funeral to pay tribute must have helped ease the pain his family is no doubt suffering since his very sad passing 10 days ago.

It was great to see members of Rockmount FC and Blarney Golf Club line out in their blazers and club colours in such large numbers over two days as they carried the coffin in honour of my good friend Jamesie Corcoran. The massive gathering at the North Cathedral last Wednesday proved the love and huge loss as well as massive respect that so many people had for Jamesie.

The church was overflowing with people who wanted to say goodbye to Jamesie.

The mass was beautiful.

The singing magnificent, the eulogy from son Alan had the church in tears and laughing at the same time and the poem written by Jamesie’s friend John Joe O’Sullivan and read out at the end by Jamesie’s other son Cian nearly brought the house down.

It was great to see one of his best friends Roy Keane carry the coffin out of the church.

Many people involved in sport who had many battles with Jamesie on and off the pitch over the years were there to pay tribute to their former foe.

Again, that must have given the family huge comfort to see so many different people from different backgrounds pay tribute to Corcoran.

One thing that is evident from listening to the stories told by his friends is that no matter what or how much he loved his soccer and golf, nothing came before his family, his wife Martina, his children Alan, Cian and Niamh and grandsons Darragh and Adam.

I had always found that from my conversations with him, but to hear others confirm what I already knew says so much about the man.

He was a great husband, father, and grandad and he took great pride in those roles.

Rockmount and soccer were his first love and they did Jamesie proud by how they carried themselves at the funeral.

Rockmount's Alan Martin, Billy Cronin, Derek Clarke, Declan Courteney, John Keane and Jamesie Corcoran. Picture: Diane Cusack
Rockmount's Alan Martin, Billy Cronin, Derek Clarke, Declan Courteney, John Keane and Jamesie Corcoran. Picture: Diane Cusack

Blarney Golf Club has been a second home to Jamesie for the past 10 years and they are also shocked by his sudden passing.

Blarney golf pro Alan O’Mara paid a heartwarming tribute to his great friend.

“Last week caused a huge hole in my life which will never be filled,” said O’Mara. “I had a special relationship with Jamesie in which I will treasure forever.

“He was a rogue of a character, but someone who always had the right words to say at the right time, and he would always get away with whatever he said,” laughs O’Mara.

“He was a passionate man who always had the club in his heart.

“At the club, members always brought biscuits and cakes and I probably gave too much to Jamesie however he always said to me: ‘I’ll bring you something big for my 10-year anniversary with the club’,” and that he did.

“He brought me the biggest cake ever with my name on it, for all the small ones I gave him over the years.

“He was a character and I am truly devastated to lose him.”

Club president Kieran Crowley was another to pay tribute.

“We at the club are absolutely devastated to lose our member Jamesie,” he said. “He has been with the club for 10 years, playing midweek and every weekend.

“He was a superb club man, a great character who loved golf and the social side of it.

“He was the life and soul of the party and he will be irreplaceable here at the club.”

Many soccer clubs and colleagues also paid tribute to a much-loved character.

“Hearing sad news like this puts everything into perspective,” said Seamus Murphy of Crosshaven.

“A great club man who will be a huge loss to Rockmount.”

Stephen Crowley of Everton was also saddened by Jamesie’s passing.

“On behalf of Everton, I would like to offer our deepest condolences to Jamesie’s family and to all at Rockmount.

“I spoke to him recently at a junior game and he never looked so well. It’s a sad day for local football with the passing of one of the most passionate football men.

“He will be sadly missed.”

A spokesperson for College Corinthians also said: “We are shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Rockmount Chairman Jamesie Corcoran. “He was always welcome to Corinthians Park and we will miss him.

“Our sympathies to his family and everyone in Rockmount. May he rest in peace.”

Picture: David Keane.
Picture: David Keane.

Noel Connolly, who played for and with Jamesie was also deeply saddened by the untimely death.

“Jamesie was firstly a proud family man, secondly a proud Rockmount man, and he has a lot to be proud of on both counts!

“He was an effervescent character, full of life, full of fun, and he lived his life in the moment! He was charismatic to be around.

“When you were in his company, it was a mixture of banter and fun, but if you were in a tough place, he would always be there for you to get you through it.

“This was a side lots of people probably didn’t see of Jamesie.

“He would always be there with a helping hand when he was needed, whether it was an arm around the shoulder or a kick up the backside!

“Jamesie shot straight from the hip.

“Sometimes you probably didn’t like or agree with what he was saying, but more often than not he was proved correct!

“From playing with and against him, he was one of these fellas that you loved if he was on your side or wanted to kick him if you were playing against him.

“If his trusty left foot didn’t score against you, it kicked you. And then there was that voice that could penetrate even the thickest of walls.

“The football community of Cork has lost one of its gemstones.

“He will be sadly missed by all who knew him!”

RIP Jamesie.

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