Cork City chairman insists the board are on the right track during a difficult period

Cork City chairman insists the board are on the right track during a difficult period
Picture: Denis Minihane.

CORK City chairman Declan Carey has welcomed the removal of incorrect information by RTÉ from its Soccer Podcast.

Tuesday’s episode of the podcast focused on City, but some of the discussion mentioned things which the club hierarchy have taken serious issue with and a retraction was sought.

Carey is keen to prevent such misinformation making its way to the public domain, given the impact it can have.

“As a board, we’re extremely disappointed with the content of the podcast,” he said.

“Obviously, podcasts are extremely popular now and there are a few associated with the League of Ireland. Personally, and as a board, we’re in favour of more publicity for the league and pushing the digital but when incorrect information like this goes out, it’s potentially damaging for the club.

“That’s something that we don’t take lightly on the board. It’s extremely unfortunate and we’re very disappointed that information and details about numbers that the board would have spoken about in the past are relayed incorrectly.

“We gave a firm update to our shareholders about a month ago about the current status of the club and we’ve received massive support from Foras members. They know what the current situation is and everyone is banding together to get the club back where it belongs, but this kind of misinformation doesn’t help the club in any way.

“It can have a commercial impact as well as on the general morale of everybody involved with the club.”

The club contacted RTÉ to seek the removal of the incorrect elements of the podcast.

“I hadn’t heard the interview myself but some supporters had downloaded it and were sharing it around so I came across it that way,” Carey said.

“I got in touch with RTÉ and they said they’d look into it and they contacted me to say that they’d remove any of the comments that featured misinformation.

“We have three home games coming up — Bohemians on Friday, a friendly against Preston and then the European match — so it’s important that everybody channels their energy into supporting the lads.

“There’s a lot of football to be played between now and November and we’re confident that we can get back up the table and do well in Europe.”

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