GAA players need more clarification about gathering in small groups or not for meetings and training

GAA players need more clarification about gathering in small groups or not for meetings and training
A familiar sight around Cork and the rest of the country as sports clubs and organisations have been forced to close their gates as a result of Coronavirus.

THERE needs to be more clarification about the decision to ban all GAA activity because of the current Covid 19 pandemic.

That is the viewpoint of a leading Cork club chairperson who does not wish to be identified at this point in time.

The latest statement issued by the GAA on club activity is as follows.

"The GAA’s Medical, Scientific and Welfare Committee, the Gaelic Player’s Association and the Gaelic Athletic Medical Association (the representative body for Team Doctors) wish to stress the crucial importance of all players and team personnel adhering strictly to HSE guidelines in relation to social distancing and other aspects of the current Covid 19 pandemic.

"In practical terms, this means the following:

"Players should not congregate, even in small numbers, for training sessions.

"Indoor shared Gym facilities are to be avoided, as such environments pose considerable limitations on a users ability to adhere to both ‘Social Distancing’ and contact transmission guidelines advised by the HSE.

"Team managers, backroom personnel and players at all levels have not only a duty of care to each other but also to the wider community around them at this time." the GAA statement said.

But the chairman wants to know is there any leeway for players to gather in twos and threes to hit a ball.

“There is a ban and rightly so but the question I would ask, can two or three players still go for a kick about or a puck around in the open air.

“I have been asked by players if this can happen and there is still some confusion about it.

“Is it a case of one out, all out, nobody at all allowed in even for a three or four-player puck around.

“I know the use of gyms are banned and rightly so because a place like a gym could really speed up the infection.

“Here in our club, we have even halted the lotto because you could have seven or eight in a room together.

“Meetings are not going ahead in our club but I still believe this thing about players having a puck around should be nailed down.''

On the topic of the club championships which are scheduled for next month, he believes we must be realistic.

“Look, if we are going to be realistic the championship won't take place in April.

“And if it does later on at some stage the new format of the round-robin would have to go and different approach would be required.

“We don't know what's going to happen but if we lose the year so what if we can get his right and get back to what it was.

“Common sense has to be applied but we do need absolute clarity on everything and if guidelines are being breached.''

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