GAA icon Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh is the ideal captain of the cocooners

GAA icon Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh is the ideal captain of the cocooners
Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh is a GAA treasure.                                                         

FOR those of you who visit this corner for a sports helping, we may have to begin with an apology.

As a consequence of an tUasal Covid’s reluctance to exit the house, all sporting matters are now either in the past or the future tense.

The challenge of rearview mirror viewing depends on a crystal clear memory or possessing a penchant for research activity, sadly this scribbler is not in possession of either.

As regards predicting the sporting future at this time, well let us just say, that we haven’t yet conquered that one.

Hence the need to warn you, that any sports content that will appear may be totally accidental.

Now, I was going to mention that this past week hasn’t been a very positive one for those of us who are members of the cocoon’s union.

However, I do so with a degree of reluctance, as our ability to figure out what does a week really mean any more has taken a hit, not to mention, trying to establish what day of the week we have, one of these days, yesterday could very well come before tomorrow.

Back to our new-found status, the Minister for Health Simon Harris informed us that we must more or less remain under house arrest until a vaccine is found, a day later, a junior minister in the Boris administration weighed in by telling us that such a vaccine may not materialise for 18 months, now you can see that it’s not a good time to be cocooner.

Are we only a step away from becoming rejected by society, a new form of racism may be about to descend upon us.

Strawberry pickers from Bulgaria may not be the only individuals feeling the cold shoulder effect.

Akin to footnotes that attached to employment vacancies over a century ago when “no Irish need apply” were commonplace, could a similar situation now manifest itself “No cocooners need apply.”

When Leo decrees that restaurants and pubs can reopen is it possible that one of the signs outside the front door will read “Cocooners not welcome.”

Down the line don’t be surprised if society, in an effort to ease the burden of guilt, will set aside a day titled “National Cocooners’ Day”.

Yes my dear friends, being a cocooner (what a title) is no walk in the park.

However we should be grateful that the former commentator Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh who hung up his radio mic 10 years ago, and who will celebrate his 90th birthday in August, could now be described as our national patron.

Over the weekend the RTÉ cameras visited his Kildare home and under the guidance of his son Eamon, a chartered physiotherapist, the great man himself demonstrated a set of exercises with a large walking component that can easily be performed by the majority of our new category of people in their own back garden.

Those West Kerry genes take some beating.

Paudie Palmer, Pat Malone, Marc Shehan, John Crean and William Buckley at the Muskerry GAA/Auld Triangle Sports Star Awards at Oriel Hotel. Picture: Mike English.
Paudie Palmer, Pat Malone, Marc Shehan, John Crean and William Buckley at the Muskerry GAA/Auld Triangle Sports Star Awards at Oriel Hotel. Picture: Mike English.

At the mention of walking, a couple, both cocooners, was brought to our attention this week. Their daily exercise programme has them doing walking laps around their roadside garden while observing social distancing.

Let’s be honest such a sight a few months ago would have ensured a call to the psychiatry department.

Of course, it may be important to point that not all members of this new species of humanity are awaiting for the call from the great reaper, as there is s cohort of young people whose compromised immune system has them as card-carrying members.

Indeed the presence of some of these young people in the Leaving Cert class of 2020 will present added challenges for the State Exam Commission, as if they didn’t have enough already.

During Covid’s unwelcome vacation in our beautiful country, we are constantly in receipt of dispatches principally, from Leo, Simon and Tony, (aren’t we all on first name terms now) but the announcement that this year’s Junior Cert was cancelled and the Leaving Cert postponed until late July and early August was a eureka moment if you wish for those us who may have harboured dreams of summer championship action.

That announcement was followed by another, this time from the GAA government that they were kicking the can down the road to July.

The latest dispatches from the rumour assembly lines are now informing us that when GAA season commences, it will be club activity that will get the show back on the road.

If that be case, this corner would contend that it would be the correct course of action.

The words of Dr Colm Henry, the chief clinical officer of the HSE and a member of the National Public Health Emergency Team will exercise the members of the GAA management committee when he more or less implied that staging of large audience events might not happen until a vaccine was made available.

A number commentators have suggested that some inter-county championship matches could be played behind closed doors.

Am I missing something here?

How can you guarantee the safety of players, management, match officials and media in such scenarios?

It’s is now an accepted fact that there are people who have or have had Covid 19 and are/were not aware of its presence.

Honestly, I think that this behind closed doors situation is a non-runner.

Over the past few days, and sadly despite the large number of people who are still dying from this deadly virus, there is some evidence being brought to the public attention that the wearing of the green jersey is bearing fruit.

With the infection index now less than 1, and the real figure of daily deaths on the decline, there will be calls for some easing of the restrictions, particularly from an economic point of view.

This scenario could raise the hopes of a number who still harbour hopes of some form of activity on the manicured green fields of the nation.

As we have often being reminded, you are going nowhere without your dreams, but the noises from the reality corner aren’t in total agreement.

To borrow from the old cliched department, it is very much a case of wait and see, if you are a cocooner, it could be described as a case of wait, wait and wait again.

Take care.

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