Mallow's James Sugrue is relieved the Masters is postponed not cancelled

Mallow's James Sugrue is relieved the Masters is postponed not cancelled
James Sugrue pictured at home in Mallow with his invitation to the 2020 Masters Tournament.

RELIEF was the main reaction from Mallow's amateur champion golfer James Sugrue when he heard that the Masters was not going ahead in three weeks time. 

Like all of the other players, Sugrue received an email from the Masters Committee advising that the famous tournament was postponed due to concerns over coronavirus. 

Sugrue received an invite on the back of his win at the Amateur Championship last year and a cancellation would have meant missing the opportunity of a lifetime. 

“All the information that I have received is just that had been postponed,” said James. 

“I suppose that was a big relief to know it was just postponed and not cancelled. 

"Obviously, if it was cancelled it would have been vey unlucky for myself. I’m just delighted that it was postponed and hopefully it’ll be up and running again sooner rather than later.” 

James was very much looking forward to Augusta. 

“Most golfers have grown up watching the Masters from a very young age, some people I know even take the week off just to watch it. 

"It’s a great sporting event even for people who don’t play golf. It’s the biggest event of the year for the pro’s so it’s definitely my biggest event this year. 

"Everything was booked, the flights and accommodation, including a lot of arrangements for my friends and family. 

"Naturally, I think postponement is the correct decision. If it had been played behind closed doors, my family and friends would have missed out." 

While no one really knows when normality will resume, Sugrue’s plans for the summer may change as the Mallow man was planning to turn pro in June after the US Open. 

If the coronavirus delay is extended there were talks that the tournament may not take place until October. 

“I have Memorial at the start of June and that’s followed by the US Open. 

"They have mentioned May and playing then would be nice. I’d like it to be in the next month or so. 

"I know it doesn’t mean much to the organisers but that would definitely suit me."

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