The Graham Cummins column: Harry Kane shouldn't be swayed by loyalty and stay at Spurs when they're in a rut

The Graham Cummins column: Harry Kane shouldn't be swayed by loyalty and stay at Spurs when they're in a rut
Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur celebrates after scoring in the Champions League against Olympiacos. Picture: Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

THEY are the words Tottenham have been dreading for some time but won’t come as a surprise as their captain Harry Kane refused to rule out a move away from Spurs earlier this week.

Kane has always reiterated his love for the club and his desire to remain in North London.

However, when asked about his Tottenham future this week, the England captain responded by saying: “I’ve always said if I don’t feel we are progressing as a team or going in the right direction, I’m not one to stay there for the sake of it.”

This is the first time Kane has given a real indication that he is not happy with playing football just for the love of it and that he wants success as well.

Will he get the type of success he wants at Tottenham?

I don’t think so, which will have put clubs across Europe on high alert that now, might be the time they can persuade Kane to leave the club he holds so close to his heart.

The appointment of Jose Mourinho by Spurs chairman Daniel Levy was a clear indicator that Tottenham are no longer happy with just been an entertaining team but that they are intent on winning trophies.

The problem is, Spurs are never going to be good enough to win the title in the next 10 years and last season’s run in the Champions League was a one-off and it will be a long time before the North London club ever get that far in the competition again.

Kane turns 27 in the summer and he cannot afford to wait around for success at Tottenham. I’m convinced, Spurs will win silverware under Mourinho but that won’t be the league of the Champions League.

Winning an FA Cup, Europa League, or Carabao cup is not good enough for a player who has admitted that he is an “ambitious player” and “wants to become one of the top, top players”.

So far, Kane has had a remarkable career scoring 136 league goals in 201 games.

Picture: Adam Davy/PA Wire.
Picture: Adam Davy/PA Wire.

He could go on to break Alan Shearer’s record of 260 Premier League goals and go down in history but he might also be looking at Shearer’s career and learn from the Geordie’s mistake.

Shearer is the all-time leading Premier League scorer, yet, when we debate the greatest striker in Premier League history, it’s rare that the former Newcastle player will be the first name mentioned.

That’s because, he could have achieved so much more throughout his career but opted to sign for Newcastle — his hometown club — instead of Manchester United.

That was a huge mistake by Shearer. He did win a league title with Blackburn Rovers but had he signed for United instead of Newcastle, he would have been even more successful.

Kane doesn’t want to look back on his career and talk about how great he was but doesn’t have the medal collection to show for it.

It’s only a matter of time before Kane does leave Spurs and the questions that need to be asked now are: when and where will he go?

Of course, Tottenham will be adamant that their prized asset isn’t for sale but with Levy as chairman, every player has their price.

I’m sure Mourinho has begged his chairman to turn off his phone in fear of potential suitors ringing the Spurs’ chairman about Kane’s availability.

It’s no secret, how much Mourinho rates Kane and the former United manager will know too well that it will be a lot tougher to win silverware at Tottenham without Kane.

Picture: Steven Paston/PA Wire.
Picture: Steven Paston/PA Wire.

Mourinho may be the sole reason that Kane remains at the club for one more season because the Spurs captain will be desperate to win a trophy with the club before he departs and he knows there is no better manager in charge of the team to help him achieve his goal with Spurs.

Spurs would be looking at a figure of at least €115m for Kane and there are very few clubs who could afford such a hefty price tag.

If Kane were to remain in England, then it would only be Liverpool, United, Manchester City, and Chelsea that could afford him.

I don’t think he would suit Liverpool. Chelsea and Spurs don’t have the greatest relationship and I’d be very surprised if Kane wanted to go there.

City would be an option but they have shown recently that they aren’t prepared to pay over the odds for a player.

Which leaves United as Kane’s only real option in England but why would he want to go there if he wants to be successful?

United are just as far off winning the title as Spurs are.

Real Madrid are the club I envision Kane ending up at.

Both clubs have a good relationship with one another and Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has not been shy about his admiration of Kane, calling the Spurs striker the “complete player” after the sides met in 2017. He was quick to praise Kane when asked about English players to lookout for at Euro 2020 — before the tournament was postponed.

Spurs fans cannot blame Kane for wanting to be as successful as he can be. The striker has been loyal to the North London club but the time has come when he needs to put himself before the club.

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