Guidelines issued for Cork GAA clubs holding online meetings

Guidelines issued for Cork GAA clubs holding online meetings
The Cork jersey on the grass of the pitch at Páirc Uí Chaoimh. Picture: Larry Cummins.

WITH clubs around the county preparing to return to action Croke Park has issued some guidelines around online meetings that committees may be hosting. 

1: Before the meeting takes place please accept the invite (if you have the functionality) or email the secretary of the committee in charge in advance to confirm your attendance; if attending by telephone, please notify the telephone number you will use to join the meeting; this will ensure that you will be admitted from the lobby.

2: Notify the secretary of the committee in charge in advance if you will be joining the meeting after it has commenced.

3: If entering the meeting late, please do not ask to catch up on what has been happening; you can catch up with the secretary or another member after the meeting or raise a matter at the end of the meeting under AOB.

4: The chairperson/secretary will moderate the meeting and will be able to mute people in the meeting when necessary.

5: Given the number of people participating in each meeting, you will be asked to put yourself on ‘mute’ when the meeting commences (unless you are making a contribution) as this will reduce the amount of background noise and make the meeting easier for all to hear.

6: Say your name before speaking.

7: Be respectful of other people talking and do not interrupt them.

8: Avoid using computer keyboards and shuffling papers etc, which generate noise if you are not on mute.

9: Avoid talking to other callers (or people nearby who are not on the call).

10: It is advisable to blur your background (might not be available on some mobile devices) or at least ensure that sensitive information is not visible in the background during the meeting.

11: Be aware that most online meetings will be recorded, the chairperson/secretary will seek the permission of the participants at the beginning of the meeting to record proceedings.

12: Ensure that you exit the meeting properly once concluded as conversations and comments made may be picked up and broadcast to all on the call inadvertently.

Rule 4.3 of the official guide stipulates that, voting except where otherwise provided in other rules, at general meetings and committee meetings shall be taken by a simple majority of those present entitled to vote and voting.

A member participating in video and/or telephone conferencing shall be considered as being ‘present’ at the meeting.

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