Cork Schoolboys Soccer: Northside club Castleview working tirelessly on return 

Cork Schoolboys Soccer: Northside club Castleview working tirelessly on return 
Action between the Douglas Hall and Castleview U13s in the CSL last season. Picture: Larry Cummins.

CASTLEVIEW’S public relations officer, Dean Evans, has said that the club is working tirelessly to ensure that their schoolboy league players can return to training as soon as possible.

The FAI has informed teams that they have been allowed to return to training since last Monday, June 15, provided a number of safety measures have been implemented.

“The hardest part, that we have found, is that we have to keep people informed on what the changes are, in terms of the FAI’s directives,” Evans said.

“They are sending us these directives almost every week, but the main one they sent us is about being allowed to go back to training this week, so we are trying to get everything ready for that.

“The dressing rooms need to be changed; you have to have certain things in place with sanitising and things like that,” Evans said.

“Most clubs have been following what is going on over in England, that people have to bring their own stuff to training, players will need to have their own water bottles, and we have to get everyone ready for stuff like that.

“The last thing we want is for someone to turn up to training unprepared, which will mean they can’t really join in with the session.

“The FAI have told us that we can return in certain size groups, which includes coaches. We have two 15s teams, a 14s, 13s, 12s, and an academy in place since last year, so we have to make sure we have everything ready for them to return safely,” Evans said.

“We need to work off a safe timeline — we can’t have every team going up to the pitch on Tuesday night. We will work off schedules and that will be a learning curve for everyone.

“That is the hardest part at the moment: To make sure everyone is aligned and working off the correct protocol with cleanliness and social distancing, because the main thing is the kids’ safety and that the parents know they’re safe with us,” Evans said.

Everyone at Castleview is keen to return to playing football and Evans is hopeful normality will be restored soon.

“The next phase is to get the kids back playing, slowly but surely.

“Hopefully, we can go back training the way we used to, in the near future, but only when the Government allows,” Evans said.

“Everyone at the club is chomping at the bit to get back playing and help the kids get back into a normal routine, which will give the parents a bit of break as well.

“But the main thing is to get back as soon as we can and as safely as we can,” Evans said.

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