FAI continue to work with their coaches on skills development during lockdown

FAI continue to work with their coaches on skills development during lockdown
FAI Coach Education Manager Niall O'Regan. Picture: Sam Barnes/Sportsfile

THE FAI Coach Education Webinars have been a phenomenal success.

In the first week the Grassroots Webinar had reached over 35,000 people and this continued to grow week on week with the webinars from Paul Osam U16 Head Coach and Tom Mohan U19 heacoach.

FAI Coach Education Manager Niall O’Regan is overwhelmed with the huge interest.

“For us, it is encouraging, if not inspiring to have such an engagement and to have so many coaches listening in, completing the Free CPD assignments,” said O’Regan.

“Engaging with us in this new medium is another exciting addition to the methods to which we engage with our coaches and this is one of the primary targets for us from High Performance Director Ruud Dokter.

“He specifically identifies that for us to have better players, we need to have better coaches, hence we need better coach education and better coach educators and this has been so evident in his time in the FAI. 

"He places such significance on personal and professional development and always thinking about moving forward.”

Over the next few weeks the following webinars include: Tom O’Connor, Colin O’Brien, Jim Crawford, Jason Donohoe, Female Coaching, Performance Analysis, Session Planning, UEFA Coach Education, Coach Education Pathway 2021-2025, Ruud Dokter, Football Fitness, Goalkeeping, Futsal, Football For All, Grassroots Part II.

Coaches can email Niall directly on niall.oregan@fai.ie to get the link sent to their emails and or the links are available online through the Coach Education Social Media Platforms. The links are released every Saturday morning at 11am.

Through these difficult times, O’Regan is confident that the FAI will have provided a lot of positives.

“Through this difficult time, there has been a number of positives, and delivering this online content is certainly one of them.

“Within the future webinar, I am delighted to have Pearl Slattery and Sue Ronan scheduled to discuss the developments in Female Coaching and specifically our plans to continue to develop and grow the Female Game.

“A significant move towards the positivity will be the use of an E-Learning Online platform and this is something we aim to launch later in 2020, where coaches can complete workshops, their continuous professional development requirements, and engage with us more regularly through an online medium. We look forward to this.”

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