Danny Murphy believes a takeover is the best option for Cork City

Danny Murphy believes a takeover is the best option for Cork City
Former Cork City defender Danny Murphy gets in his cross from Shamrock Rovers' Sean O'Connor at Turner's Cross. Picture: Eddie O'Hare

CLUB legend Danny Murphy feels that a possible takeover could be what Cork City FC need in order to be able to challenge long term at the top of the League of Ireland table.

In recent months, reports emerged that Preston owner Trevor Hemmings expressed an interest in taking over the club.

Not only in terms of competing for honours, Murphy also feels that a potential takeover could help the club put into place structures for the long term to keep pace with the likes of Dundalk and Shamrock Rovers.

“I think that, let’s be honest at this moment in time, it probably is the best for the club,” he said.

“Is it something that everybody wants in the club in terms of Foras and people who brought the club back to where it is; probably not, because of where they brought the club.

“If you are going to be challenging every year or if you want to win things, you are going to need that investment.

“But I still think that the infrastructure in terms of from the first team all the way down to the pre-academy, that for me is where the foundations have got to be set.”

He doesn’t see why Cork City can’t replicate what other Cork Schoolboys League teams do.

“I know they are going to be upset because you are going to have players coming to you and wanting to play for Cork City.

“Worst case scenario, if a kid is being trained at Cork City by a so-called ‘elite coach’ from the age of three to 13 and they don’t end up making it into the Cork City academy, they will go back to their local clubs and play and you are going to have a better quality of player.

“I understand why everyone has a say in it. At the same time, from the club’s point of view and as a business, if you can generate young players from the right infrastructure and right foundations, then you will have them players for long periods of time.”

Murphy cites Caoimhín Kelleher as an example of player development.

“I am looking at the kid who has gone to Liverpool from Ringmahon, and Ringmahon are able to sell him and make money and build all the facilities they have got at Ringmahon, that is what Cork City should be looking to do.

“That infrastructure should be in place from a younger age, so if a club comes in for an Alan Browne and that, if a club comes in for them you are getting that money.

“You are investing time in these kids to go and do that. That builds your training facilities and infrastructures that you want, because at the moment they have nothing.”

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