Cricket is ready to bat but it won’t be as straightforward as people think

Cricket is ready to bat but it won’t be as straightforward as people think
Ireland's William Porterfield is one of the country's most experienced players. Picture: INPHO/Presseye/Rowland White

CRICKET Ireland will finalise the details around return to train protocols but you can be sure of one thing, it won’t be as straight forward as everyone thinks.

The government say a minimum of four people can train once the social distancing measures are in place but cricket by nature, can lead to people being in close proximity and also there’s the issue of the ball.

Ru Jones, the Cork Harlequins captain and Munster Reds player is taking plenty of positives out of this situation as he is pragmatic by nature.

“I’m going back over matches I’ve heard about but never seen, or periods of cricket I don’t know anything about. For example, I watched highlights of all Ireland’s games in the 2007 World Cup, that was exciting as I didn’t follow it at the time.

“Seeing legends like Jeremy Bray or Dave Langford-Smith in their prime is class,” said the Grenagh man with regards to his downtime.

During this period, time is one of the biggest benefits or issues, depending on what way you look at it. Managing it productively is key and the all-rounder has plenty of things to keep himself busy.

“I’m finishing an MA in Journalism and I’m effectively approaching it as a 9-5 job. That’s helped me keep a bit of structure and routine going, otherwise I’d be lost.

“Like everyone else then I’ve been part of Zoom calls and birthday parties, that kind of thing.”

He’s also been busy editing coaching videos for his club, taking part in group strength and condition sessions via zoom and picking the brain of current professional cricketers.

The Munster Cricket Union have organised the opportunity to chat to current professional cricketers and he and others gained a huge insight from a chat with current Irish international, William Porterfield.

“That was very rewarding as he came across as an incredibly thoughtful cricketer who has made the most of his talent. Every little insight into these kind of players offer, can be very valuable due to the fact that they understand the game of cricket and their own games so well.”

He’s very eager to get back playing but being cautious by nature he thinks we’ll need to take it step by step.

“I’m hopeful that we’ll get back training with the other non-contact sports soon.

“We’ll be setting up plans to get back quickly, but it’s all subject to decisions that Cricket Ireland and the MCU make.

“They’ll be getting the expert advice and we’ll follow it. Cricket’s important, but eradicating the virus is top of the list.”

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