Cork football dynamo Powter is staying positive despite roadblock to his return

Cork football dynamo Powter is staying positive despite roadblock to his return
Sean Powter was had a horrible time with injuries and now he's fully fit again, the GAA season is on hold. Picture: INPHO/Tommy Dickson

UNDER normal circumstances Cork footballer Sean Powter would be reflecting on the Munster semi-final against Kerry last weekend.

It would have been the Douglas player’s first championship appearance in three years following a succession of hamstring injuries.

But, the coronavirus pandemic interrupted an encouraging run of games in Cork’s winning sequence in Division 3.

“It was the first time in a long while that I played five matches in-a-row and I would have been looking forward to the game, but it wasn’t to be.

“Ronan (McCarthy) sent me a text the other day saying ‘someone must have a vendetta against you, when it comes to football,’ said Powter, who will be 23 in July.

“The break came at a bad time for me because I was getting close to playing 70 minutes in games and now it’s another long re-hab again.

“It’s easier this time because I know everyone else is in the same boat.

“It’s a pity as I felt I was coming back to form and playing to the level that I should be. That’s one of the most frustrating parts.

“At the outset of the league I wasn’t even thinking about playing well, more just ensuring the hamstrings were ok and as it went on, the hamstrings weren’t even on my mind.

“But, when I go back again I’ll have do it slowly and build it up once more,” he added.

Powter had a great league. Picture: Eddie O'Hare
Powter had a great league. Picture: Eddie O'Hare

Powter is gearing up for the footballers’ fund-raising 10km run on Saturday for a very worthwhile cause.

“All the money is going to Pieta House, which is deserving because they do great work in mental health.

“And that is impacting on people in the current pandemic, so we decided to give something back.

“I reckon I’ll do mine with Nathan Walsh, who lives across the road from me and, obviously, we’ll be staying two metres apart to observe social distancing.

“I’ve not mapped it out yet, but I reckon we will be well tired by the end of it. I’ve never done a 10km before, not even in a match.

“There’s bound to be a competitive element to it, especially for a fellow like Mattie Taylor, who is a good road runner and he’s the guy to catch.

“We’re going to finish off with Ronan doing his 10km and that will be interesting.”

Donations can be made on the Go Fund Me page, via ‘Cork Club Together 4 Pieta’ on various social media channels.

Powter has just finished fourth-year neuroscience exams at UCC and the plan is to go into medicine in Cork or at UL.

“That was always the target. I was thinking about repeating the Leaving Cert because I only realised in sixth year in Rochestown that I wanted to become a doctor.

“But, I made the Cork senior panel the same year so I decided to get a degree and play football along the route as well.

“I’m pretty much guaranteed a place in UL, but there’s a question mark over UCC, depending on the demand.

“Hopefully, the foreign students will stay away because of the virus,” he joked.

Powter played for Ireland in 2017. Picture: INPHO/Tommy Dickson
Powter played for Ireland in 2017. Picture: INPHO/Tommy Dickson

For the first few weeks of the restrictions, Kevin Smyth, the strength and conditioning coach, issued home programmes.

“Then with the news about a much later start he told us to take it easy for three weeks, do whatever we want and then we’ll re-evaluate after that.

“Yet, we can’t just sit at home and do nothing so that’s where the road running came in and I’ll also did some kicking with my brother, working on my left leg, which I don’t use very often in games,” Powter concluded.

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