Look man, attempting a Panenka penalty was pure arrogance in a vital game

Look man, attempting a Panenka penalty was pure arrogance in a vital game

West Ham United goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski saves a penalty from Fulham's Ademola Lookman during the Premier League match at the London Stadium. Picture: PA Photo.

FOOTBALL supporters are always sceptical when it comes to their club signing players on-loan.

Fans will always question is the player’s heart in the right place and is that player going to give everything for the club?

Because at the end of the day, if things do go wrong for the club, that player won’t suffer the consequences.

He will simply return to his parent club and carry on with the rest of his career.

The question has always been asked about players on loan; do they care?

After playing for clubs who have signed players and on-loan and having experience two loan spells myself, I believe the answer is, some do and others don’t.

Perception can be a terrible thing and unfortunately, it is what most fans base their opinions on when they are talking about on-loan players.

Ademola Lookman, who is on-loan at Fulham from RB Leipzig would appear to me to fall into the latter category.

With Fulham trailing 1-0 at West Ham United, the Englishman decided to attempt a Panenka after Scott Parker side were awarded a penalty in the 94th minute and the outcome was embarrassing.

Lookman is a 23-year-old man who decided to try and be ‘clever’ by attempting a Panenka.

I don’t know what was going through the former Everton player’s mind other than getting the headlines in the press the next day.

Let’s face it, not many people are going to be too concerned about watching the highlights or reading about West Ham v Fulham but if a player were to score a Panenka with the last kick of the game to earn his side a point, that might interest people.

Attempting a Panenka is pure arrogance from a player.

It’s one thing if you’re Zinedine Zidane – one of the greatest players of all time –it’s another if you’re Lookman, a player that couldn’t get a game in a poor Everton side.

Am I right? That’s how it looked to me and that’s what I take from his effort.

Fulham are in a relegation battle and Lookman gambled with people’s futures.

His manager, Parker, will be the first to lose his job should the London club continue to struggle but there will be staff redundancies were Fulham to return to the Championship.

I can’t understand why his teammates consoled the 23-year-old at the end of the match.

That’s why Fulham will get relegated because there are too nice. Could you imagine if someone like Roy Keane were Lookman’s teammate?

Those Fulham players should have been waiting in the dressing room to have a go off the winger not going over to him after the game forgiving him for costing them what could be a valuable point.

Lookman looked distraught after his failed Panenka attempt but to me, that was all for show, to show that he ‘cares’.

If he truly cared, he would have attempted a proper penalty instead of trying to be ‘clever’ and get some headlines – headlines he did get but not the ones he was after.

Lookman has three years remaining on his contract with Leipzig and his aim will be to get back to the German club and become a regular. Scoring a Panenka would get people talking about him and might catch his parent club’s attention.

The 23-year-old isn’t going to be too affected were Fulham to be relegated because chances are, he will go back to Leipzig at the end of the season anyway. Managers are taking risks signing players on-loan.

They might believe that they are signing a player who is hungry for games and determined to show his parent club that he is good enough to be in their team.

Unfortunately, for a lot of managers, they end up with a player who has a terrible attitude.

More often than not, players who sign for a club on-loan are signing for a lesser club meaning worse facilities, making the player unhappy.

How many times have we seen players on-loan from England fail in the League of Ireland?

Those players clearly were talented otherwise they wouldn’t be playing for top clubs in England but they see coming to Ireland as a holiday.

Unlike, permanent transfer, with loan deals, a lot of times players don’t get a choice where they go.

In a lot of scenarios, a player might end up at a club because his parent club’s manager and the club he is joining manager are good friends and one is doing the other a favour by giving him a player on the cheap.

In an ideal world, clubs wouldn’t want to take players on-loan because of course every manager knows that players on-loan are a risk because they are going to want to do want benefits them first rather than the club.

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