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Cork manager John Meyler. Picture: INPHO/Oisin Keniry
Cork manager John Meyler. Picture: INPHO/Oisin Keniry

Job done for Meyler with Cork still in the hunt for two trophies

CORK boss John Meyler had achieved the second of his Munster Championship objectives, and for that, he was well satisfied.

Being one of the three teams to go through into the All-Ireland series was number one, reaching the Munster final was number two and his players had achieved that for him.

“We are in the Munster final and we set out our game plan way back. We wanted to be one of the three teams that would qualify from this group and the game today afforded us the opportunity to reach the Munster final.

“We have done that and that’s really it in a nutshell. We have Clare now in a fortnight and that performance today wouldn’t do.

“The last 10 minutes was very good but we need to examine that and take it on from that.

“The decision making was poor at times but the build-up to the game was quite difficult because Waterford were out of it and would they turn up.

“Derek (McGrath) and Dan (Shanahan) deserve great credit but the bottom line is that we are in the Munster final." 

Meyler acknowledged that the goal from Seamus Harnedy was a game-defining moment and a huge score in Cork’s season to date.

“Yes, but he has that potential and it was a vital score for us.

“Bill Cooper too tore into the game and he got some critical scores for us when we needed them.

Cork's Bill Cooper with Pauric Mahony of Waterford. Picture: INPHO/Oisin Keniry
Cork's Bill Cooper with Pauric Mahony of Waterford. Picture: INPHO/Oisin Keniry

“There was a lot of crowding in midfield but Bill drove on and he is that type of a player and we just need that type of performance now again in two weeks time.’’ 

The Cork boss was delighted too with the way the team had ended the contest, securing the last four points to finally end Waterford’s dogged challenge.

“I think that’s character coming out of the lads. In all of our matches we have shown that, whether we have been up or been down, we have shown that character and resilience in the last 10 minutes.

“I think that came through there again, Horgan’s point, the goal, they were good scores. Waterford had a chance from a free there in the 74th or 75th minute but we managed to keep it out.’’ 

Trailing by four points at the break, it was all about keeping the composure on the resumption, he said.

“There was a strong wind but we just needed to calm down. Our options in the first half weren’t great and we needed to improve in our decision making.

“It’s over now and we just need to look at the learnings from today and bring that into the Munster final in two weeks time.

“They will come with all guns blazing, and I believe they had a big win."