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Picture: David Fitzgerald/Sportsfile
Picture: David Fitzgerald/Sportsfile

Gore: U20 management drilled into us all year that you keep playing no matter what the score is

CORK U20 forward feels Damien Gore feels football in the county is in a great place at the moment.

The seniors reached the Super 8s and competed well with Dublin and Tyrone, the U20 footballers grabbed a stunning All-Ireland and the minors face Mayo in next week’s All-Ireland semi-final.

Gore remarked how the positive senior displays have rubbed off his side and feels there has been a huge change in fortunes over a short period of time.

“It’s been a huge turnaround, but I think the seniors definitely had a great season after the league. Rubbed off us definitely. I think our wins rubbed off them as well so I think Cork football’s in a very good place at the moment,” Gore said.

The Cork attackers described the Rebels' second-half performance as outstanding, as Keith Ricken’s charges completely dominated their Leinster counterparts.

“It didn’t look good there for the first 10 or 15 minutes but we settled then really and in the second half we really took off. That was just outstanding."

Gore was not certain of victory until the 60th minute and feels that Dublin were a very good side with some excellent footballers.

“It wasn’t really until the 60th minute (that I knew it was won). They’re a very good team like. 

"They’ve some outstanding players all around the pitch like. I think we won by eight at the end but you can never take your eye off them because they have some very good players,” he said.

Dublin were 1-6 to 0-0 up at one stage and Gore felt the game would have been over as a contest if Dublin had got a few more scores when they were on top, but was delighted his side stuck to the plan and didn’t panic.

“I thought if they got another few scores it was definitely going to go from us. That’s one thing that’s been drilled into us through the whole year, is to never give up and keep to the plan and don’t panic. I think that showed then with the goals that went in,” the Kilmacbea player said.

Colm O'Callaghan and Damien Gore celebrate with coach Maurice Moore. Picture: Eddie O'Hare
Colm O'Callaghan and Damien Gore celebrate with coach Maurice Moore. Picture: Eddie O'Hare

Gore was thrilled with the campaign as they won the All-Ireland, which was their first-ever All-Ireland U20 title, with the last U21 victory coming in 2009.

He is hoping to get back on the senior squad for next years campaign, where Cork footballers will compete in Division three.

“If you offered it to me at the start of the year I’d bite your hand off. The All-Irelands don’t come around too often. Hopefully I’ll get back onto the senior panel next year and keep working,” Gore said.