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Cork camogie manager Jerry Wallace. Picture: INPHO/Ryan Byrne
Cork camogie manager Jerry Wallace. Picture: INPHO/Ryan Byrne

Cork camogie manager's appeal against cancelling the All-Ireland series fails

AN appeal by the Cork minor camogie manager Jerry Wallace against the decision to write off this year's All-Ireland championship has been unsuccessful.

The Camogie Association ruled on Wallace's appeal on Friday, which means the last chance of bringing back this season's cancelled All-Ireland series is gone.

The championship actually started before Covid-19 lockdown kicked in, and Cork were in the mix for three in a row, after landing the title in 2018 and 2019.

When the return of GAA was announced, the Camogie Association decided to go for provincial championships at U18, retaining the All-Ireland phase for U16s and adults.

It was a galling decision for Leesiders, especially for any dual players, as the All-Ireland minor grade is also gone in ladies football.

At the time of the original decision, Cork camogie legend Linda Mellerick wrote in The Echo

"Why start a provincial championship which doesn’t have hold half the attraction for players and stop an All-Ireland championship that is well underway? It makes no sense to me and I think It’s the worst call possible.

"It’s highlighted year in and year out about the significant drop off in sport of girls in that minor age group bracket. Some of these girls will never get a chance to represent their county again in an All- Ireland championship.

"Only a handful will go on to represent their counties at a higher level in the future yet we take that opportunity away from them.

"The only age group to have been robbed of playing is minor. Is it because that age group can cross over a number of teams?"