City Hall investigating dumping incidents on Cork's northside

City Hall investigating dumping incidents on Cork's northside

Dumping at Arderin Way.

CORK City Council is investigating illegal dumping on the northside of the city following continuous incidents in the area.

Dumping was reported at Arderin Way in the Glen this week but has since been cleaned up by council staff

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Echo that it is “an issue that is ongoing for years but seems to be getting worse”.

The resident said that the issue had become “more concerning” prior to the clean up by the council as the rubbish was “getting closer to houses”.

There has also been concerns raised in relation to anti-social behaviour in the area where the rubbish has been set alight on numerous occasions.

Speaking about the dumping seen across the city recently, Independent councillor Ken O’Flynn said that it is “absolutely disgusting that some citizens of this city think that it is okay to throw litter on the ground”.

Dumping at Arderin Way.
Dumping at Arderin Way.

“The cost in time and money that is spent on cleaning litter could be better spent on positive projects across the city.

“We must have pride in our city, in our communities, in our public round, we must have respect for ourselves and our community. Many people call for CCTV, however, I think the biggest project that the city could undertake is restoring civic pride.

“It’s unfortunate at the moment due to Covid that we are down numbers of volunteer groups and community groups that do such a great job in cleaning up their own communities and taking care of their own areas," he said.

He urged those who are dumping illegally to "think twice and show some respect for their city, for their neighbours, for the community".

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