Students apartments are strangling Cork's traditional communities

Students apartments are strangling Cork's traditional communities
An artist's impression of the front elevation of the proposed student development on Dorgan's Road and Magazine Road.

STUDENT apartments are strangling traditional communities in Cork city, according to a frustrated city councillor.

Independent councillor Mick Finn has hit out at proposals to facilitate 350 students at a site on the Bandon Road, describing it as 'an exasperating step too far.'

The new proposal, which plans 50 apartments near Denroche's Cross on a site adjacent to the Lough Church, follows approval of another development off Magazine Road, just minutes away.

Strong objections had been mounted locally, with Mr Finn hitting out at city planners for allowing student apartments to be developed in the heart of existing communities.

"The planners in this city need to decide if they really want student accommodation strangling the life out of existing communities," he said.

"While we know there is a shortage of such accommodation, and we all share in the success of UCC and CIT, the colleges cannot suck the life out of our residential areas, which too many of these plans threaten to do.

"We have more student accommodation planned for Beamish & Crawford and a new site also by the river on Western Road, and probably even more in Victoria Cross. Putting an additional 350 students onto Bandon Road, where there is already a very high concentration of students - and associated difficulties for long-term residents - is not proper planning and I just think it's not right."

Mr Finn hit out at city planners, adding that communities feel the impact of these decisions long after they are made.

He said, "I’m not at all certain about the logic of these decisions and who is making them – they do not have to live with the problems after - and am now calling on the council executive to respect the wishes of elected members and protect residential area and not destroy them which is currently happening.”

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