Barry is not in

Barry is not in
Mick Barry TD. Pic: Leah Farrell/

SOLIDARITY TD Mick Barry has called on elderly rights advocate Paddy O'Brien to withdraw his call for the army to provide transport during the bus strike.

Speaking to the Evening Echo this week, Mr O'Brien said that people of all ages have been left stranded by the strike, which began last Friday.

He said that the army could provide interim transport to those who could not find alternatives while the dispute is ongoing.

The elderly rights advocate, famed for his involvement with the Over 60s Talent Competition, said his sympathies lie with the bus drivers. However, he reported 'desperate stories' of missed hospital appointments and more, leading to his calls for the government to intervene.

Mr Barry said the move would undermine the strike.

The Cork TD said, "To call for the army to provide transport at this time is to call for organised strikebreaking. It doesn't cast Paddy in a very good light to be calling for the army to be used to break a strike and I think he should withdraw his appeal."

He added that many elderly people have been very vocal in their support of the strike to date.

Mr Barry said he was confident that army personnel would refuse to be used in such a fashion if the request was submitted.

"I am sure that rank and file soldiers would deeply resent being ordered to break a strike by a government which has treated them appallingly in recent times," he said.

"Soldiers and bus workers have both been treated very poorly by this government and I would hope that they would find common cause rather than one group being used to undermine the others' campaign."

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