From Cork synagogue to Adventist Church

From Cork synagogue to Adventist Church

The former Jewish Synagogue on South Terrace which will reopen in May as an Adventist Church. Photo: Billy macGill

NEW LIFE has been breathed into the walls of Cork's former synagogue, which will be reopened to the public in May when the local Seventh Day Adventist Church make it their permanent home.

The South Terrace building was used by the local Jewish community for over a hundred years, though dwindling numbers in recent years saw its closure earlier this year.

Following a major renovation, it will be relaunched as a Christian church on Sunday May 14, with Pastor Lorance Johnson happy that his congregation will continue the tradition of religious worship in the space.

“We are similar in some ways to the Jewish tradition because we also celebrate the Sabbath on Saturdays,” he said.

“It is lovely to be able to use the building as a church and I know that members of the Jewish community were happy to see us to take it over.” 

The Cork Seventh Day Adventist Church is a highly international community.

“We have about 70 individuals who come to church on a weekly basis so the congregation is a reasonable size.

“We have members from across Europe including Italy, Finland and the Czech Republic as well as individuals from the US, the African continent and Brazil and of course locals from Cork.

“It's quite diverse and we are looking forward to accommodating them in this new building.” 

Seventh Day Adventists are known for their longevity, which has been attributed to clean living and mainly vegetarian diets. With building work now complete, Pastor Johnson says the space has a modern feel and he hopes to see it become a focal point for education and health in the wider community.

“We want to use the building for the benefit of the public and see what things we can do to benefit the community and people of Cork.

“As well being a place of worship we also want it to be a place of influence.

“We want to reach out to indigenous Cork people and help them with their lifestyles.” Members of the public are welcome to attend the opening ceremony on May 14, which will begin at 2pm.

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