Last laugh for Cork hoots as the big time beckons

Last laugh for Cork hoots as the big time beckons
Dominic McHale, Tadhg Hickey and Laura O'Mahony of CCCahoots.

A CORK comedy trio are about to go national and international with a live sketch show, a film hitting the festival circuit and an RTÉ sitcom in the works.

CCCahoots Productions, run by Claire O'Connell and comprising comedians Tadhg Hickey, Laura O'Mahony and Dominic McHale, have been together since 2014 and have brought their unique brand of character sketches to Youtube with skits such as Mairead Corkery, the Fenian who's unlucky in love; a Cork couple who are the bane of doctors and driving instructors and Finn, the toddler comedian.

They have been racking up the views on Youtube and Facebook with several of their videos going viral and now they are about to make the transition to the stage, small screen and big screen.

“We've devised a sketch show that's an hour long in length and it's really theatrical,” said Hickey.

The live show promises to bring their best-known characters into a stage setting with some new ones also being revealed.

They also have a mockumentary film coming out, 'Fitzgibbons' Budget Funerals', which focuses on a Cork family who see a niche in the market for funerals “on the cheap”.

Dominic McHale, Tadhg Hickey and Laura O'Mahony of CCCahoots in 'FitzGibbons' Budget Funerals'
Dominic McHale, Tadhg Hickey and Laura O'Mahony of CCCahoots in 'FitzGibbons' Budget Funerals'

The film sees them work with some of the crew from Irish box office smash Young Offenders and is supported by RTÉ. Hickey says it's great to work with such talented people with their Cork-centric characters central to their comedy.

“We're working with Patrick Jordan who did a promo for the sitcom we're working on. He's the guy that shot Young Offenders. I'm directing but we all write and direct together, really,” he added.

The cast bring their particular talents to the film with the lively O'Mahony and Hickey playing off the more restrained, but equally funny, McHale.

“The film is about a working class Cork family. One brother is a grave digger by trade and the rest of the family see an opening in the market for budget funeral services. Laura plays the sister who does the mass music and Dominic is his usual straight role in it where he plays the long suffering younger brother," said Hickey.

“We're really ambitious. The stuff we're doing is character driven. A lot of sketch work is about going viral but we tend to develop characters so they can come back and people can develop relationships with them. We're going to keep doing that whether it's live or online. It's nice for Cork characters to be out there and be three dimensional. Cork characters in their full pomp are a sight to behold,” he added.

CCCahoots are working with head of comedy at RTÉ, Eddie Doyle, and more news on the sitcom is expected soon.

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