Cork city commuters spend 40 minutes stuck in traffic every day

Cork city commuters spend 40 minutes stuck in traffic every day
Cork city traffic congestion approaching Albert Quay. Pic: Larry Cummins

New figures have revealed how much time Cork commuters lose in heavy traffic and has shown the worst spots in the city for driving at peak times.

Cork is now the 28th worst city for traffic congestion in Europe and 68th worst in the world according to Sat Nav company TomTom.

During traffic congestion, there is an average of 34% extra travel time added onto journeys, roughly equating to 40 minutes per day or 152 hours per year.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the worst days for congestion at morning peak times with a 70% rise in travel time compared to a free flow situation.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are the busiest peak times for evening commutes in the city. Cork's congestion levels have remained relatively stable since 2009 at just under 40% extra travel time with the worst spot for traffic congestion the Dunkettle Interchange junction, according to 2016 figures, where several busy routes meet up.

The Patrick's Quay/Carroll's Quay/Camden Place area is the second-busiest traffic area in the city with the Albert St/Merchant's Quay/Anderson's Quay area also noted as a congestion blackspot.

The busiest day for traffic in Cork last year was Friday, November 25.

Worldwide, the most congested cities are Mexico City, Bangkok and Jakarta with Lodz in Poland the highest European entry.

In Mexico City, journey times during peak times can be almost doubled in peak times.

Dublin ranks 20th in the world and fifth in Europe with Belfast the worst city in the UK.

TomTom is a Dutch company that monitors traffic and makes navigation and mapping products.

According to different data by the Inrix Global Traffic Scoreboard, Cork ranked third behind Galway and Dublin for traffic congestion in 2016 with commuters spending an extra 23.5 hours per year in their cars stuck in traffic. Galway drivers were worst off losing 43.5 hours a year.

Last Christmas, road works in Cork were banned during the festive period in order to allay extra delays as thousands of shoppers descended on the city. Extra Gardaí were also deployed on key junctions to help traffic flow.

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