‘Shooting broke me’ says Cork woman shot in the neck

‘Shooting broke me’ says Cork woman shot in the neck

Ciara Sheehan’s neck wound after it had been treated in hospital. Picture: Cork Courts

A YOUNG WOMAN who was shot in the neck by a remorseless gunman in Cork city said the incident has left her completely broken.

An eleven-year sentence was imposed on Gavin Sheehan yesterday, a garda informer, who shot Ciara Sheehan in the neck through the window of a house in the Hollywood Estate on the north side of the city last May.

Ms Sheehan, who is no relation to the gunman, said in her victim impact statement: 

“The night I got shot, all that went through my head was that I was going to die. Since this has happened to me I am completely broken, I am a different person. I’m not the happy Ciara I was this time last year."

"I have no confidence in myself anymore. When I look in the mirror every morning all I can see is the big ugly scar on the side of my neck.” 

Ciara Sheehan was shot in the neck by Gavin Sheehan at Hollywood Estate.
Ciara Sheehan was shot in the neck by Gavin Sheehan at Hollywood Estate.

“Sometimes when I’m talking to people I can feel them looking at the scar and I get really uncomfortable. Some nights I cannot sleep as it all runs through my head." 

Ms Sheehan said she gets flashbacks and suffers anxiety attacks because of the incident. 

"Last week I got three in one day and I had to leave work early. That has happened more than once," she added.

“I miss days of work because of psychiatric appointments which I have to attend every month. I have been prescribed anti-depressant and relaxing tablets which I don’t want to be taking but they sometimes help get over the panic attacks.” 

Ms Sheehan said she received a Christmas card from the shooter.

“That’s the last thing I wanted to see. That set me back a lot and I couldn’t go to work that day because I was too upset. All I want to do is get back to the old me, the old Ciara. I am sick of being depressed all the time. I can never be happy and it comes between me and my friends and family. I have lost all trust since this happened. I feel people are looking at me and talking about me. I’m so paranoid at times. If I hear loud bangs I get a fright. The last time I heard a loud bang it sounded like a gun and I instantly put my hand to my neck. I think no young girl should have to go through what I went through. I am going through torture - it feels like torture."

"Even standing next to a window I never know what to expect. I hope this man Gavin Sheehan gets the help he really needs.”

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